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July 21

Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

If you have any comments you would like to add about anything on this website please contact the website administrator.





From Queensland Australia.


Dear Maurice.


 It is 0845 Sunday morning in Bracken Ridge Queensland, Australia. I have just discovered your excellent website and I am saddened by some of the contents.

I spent much of my early life in Jersey, much of it in St Helier and the remainder in Faldouet. My family left in 1938,mainly because my Step-Father, not noted for his foresight, felt that the island would not be a very safe place for the family and particularly for my Mother. She was born in Northern Italy and records show that she had been very active in anti Fascist activities.

I returned to the Island in 1946 and lived at Val Pleasant (Egyptian House, No 49 I think)

I worked as clerk at St Helier Garages Bath Street until the rest of the family arrived. My Father who had in the past run his own building firm, joined J. Troy as bricklayer and then Site Foreman. One job that I recall was Le Chaumiere out at St Lawrence owned by the Hotelier, Seymour. I carried out heating and plumbing work at the house.

I revisited the Island with my new Wife Grace, on our honeymoon in 1953.We stayed at my Uncles hotel, The Savoy on Rouge Bouillon. I could not believe that the islands character could have changed so much in the intervening years. It appeared to me that foreign influences had brought about the changes and that commercialism was the order of the day .My Sister, Gay Franks who still lives at St Peter has told me of the unwelcome changes and that the usual excuse is that the Island needed to move forward, to what? I must ask.

The stories of bureaucratic malpractice that deny people their rights remind me of the state of affairs in certain other countries that I have visited and lived in over the last fifty years or so.

That's enough 'wingeing' from me (a good old Aussie word). I still advise Australians I know to put Jersey into their travel plans, many do so and most tell me on their return, that it was a great experience, far better than England although they enjoyed Scotland, Wales and Ireland, interesting !

That's it for now Maurice. Apart from the 'sad bits' I really enjoyed your site and will certainly return frequently.


William (Le Marquis de Bellapais de Riecroft)


My reply


Hello William.

Pleased to see you enjoyed my website but see you found it a little sad. I did not intend to make it sad its just that living on a small island all our life tends to make us islanders a little insular and little things dwell on our minds and mean a lot to us The few remaining true Jersey folk do feel swamped by the huge UK work force and the influence of all the world banks and finance houses now here, but we are told we have one of the highest GDP's in the Western world and should be grateful. Unfortunately as you can read on the website the perceived waste of money by the way we are governed coupled with the fragmented way our elections are run and the huge UK dominated civil service leaves us with plenty food for thought.

If you take a look at the World Factbook https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/print/je.html  you will find no mention of the real 5000 or so islanders who have restricted access on their movements as this is never provided by our Statistical Unit in Jersey yet this is the reason for our free trade in Europe.

It is still a lovely place to live and I know these problems go on all over the world, it just seems magnified when compressed into a small community like ours.

On a lighter note, Egyptian lodge is No 50 Val plaisant, on the corner of Midvale Road, and was recently revamped into flats which my brother-in-law worked on and sadly St Helier Garage has gone. I remember that it was run by the Ryan family and was quite a prestige garage being the dealers in Hillman, Humber, Singer cars as well as Jaguar and Rolls Royce. In the 1950's my Uncle George Troy owned a Jaguar and had it serviced at St Helier garage, but whilst it was being returned to his office at St Helier harbour the engine seized. It transpired that the oil was drained and the filter changed but the engine was never refilled. This was blamed on the apprentice (poor guy) and I believe my uncle had a new engine fitted by the garage, the whole incident was kept very quite.

It is very likely that my father knew your father as he did all the haulage for his brother's building firm delivering bricks, blocks, sand etc. and knew all the work force. You will be pleased to know that your uncle's hotel The Savoy is still in operation and well known.

I must say I find your title very interesting and was wondering if it has a link to Jersey as we have many titles associated with our twelve parishes.

It was really nice to hear from you.

All the best






My new


troyfamily co.nz


web site has started .


Link to it on my

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More comments from around the world.



Dear Maurice, I have just come across your Troy family website and also looked at the other sites linked to yours.  My great grandmother who was born in Ireland had the maiden name of Messitt. Her mothers name was Winifred , with the maiden name of Troy. Although I didn't find anything to connect them to your Troy family on the website, in the slight hope you may come across information regarding Winifred Messitt (nee Troy) or her relations (her father may have been a Michael and her mother a Bridget) I would very grateful. My great grandmother (Messitt) immigrated to Australia in the late 1800's..................Regards Jennine


My reply


Hello Jennine.

I am very sorry I have taken so long to answer you and apologise. I have been across to England with my wife Valerie to be with my middle daughter  to help her and her husband with the birth of her first child, a baby girl. Back home in Jersey now and catching up on things.
Having studied your email concerning your "Winifred" I don't think I can help you as there is no connection to my side of the family. As it happens my Grandfather had a sister named Winifred May Troy born 1889 but she only lived for nine days. I also had a first cousin Winifred who only died in Nov 2006 so the name does seem to occur a few times in our family so maybe there was a distant connection in our families.
I am sorry I haven't been much help and if I ever discover any information to help you I will be in touch.
Good luck with your research and all the best from all of us.


All the best to you and your family on the arrival of your little granddaughter. Thank you for answering my email Maurice. I am grateful you took the time to look and get back to me. If I am lucky enough in the future to find what I am looking for, and there is a connection I will let you know. Regards.....Jennine


From New York USA.



Hello. My name is Jason, but my last name is not Troy. However, my mother's last name was Troy and she is from the Mid-west (wisconson)
 I was looking to see if there was any overlap between your family dates and what I know about my family.
 My grandfather was Dale Troy, his father was David Troy...not clear after that.
 I know that our family came from the Waterford area.
 Ever heard these names anywhere?
 Thanks for the great website!?


My reply


Hello Jason,

Pleased to hear from you.  I'm afraid I don't think I can help you as I have not come across a Dale or David Troy when researching my family line around Waterford. I did come across two Dale Troys in the present day one of who is in Hawaii and another in Connecticut but I don't think that is any help to you.
Incidentally I have two second cousins on our Island of Jersey who are named David and Jason Troy. There is a remote chance that we may be related way back because the Troys around Waterford were of the same clan.
If I do find any information on your grandfather or father I will get back to you, in the meantime a really interesting site to look at is Paul Troy's website in Australia as it has lots of facts on Waterford and you my find a link to your family.
Oztroys website

All the best


From Jersey Channel Islands.


Well, what a fascinating website!  It is absolutely amazing, interesting and totally absorbing, the music as well transports one to a time past, those long halcyon days of summer, I was totally absorbed for half the night, and therefore didn't sleep as well as I usually do when I'm not so occupied. How cleaver of you that is one of the most interesting sites I've been on, you really took me back to a time of happiness. Well Done!



Text Box: From New Zealand.

I am really enjoying reading through your website. I look forward to making more time and reading through even more.
My name is Thomas Benjamin Troy, son of Thomas David Troy and Grandson of Thomas Patrick Troy.
My Grandfather past away earlier this year. I have recently become more interested in where our family came from.
From what I know through talking to my parents and relatives, Thomas Patrick Troy was born in Napier, New Zealand.
His family had come from Ireland (to my understanding it was from Limerick).
I would love to learn more. Can you point me in the right direction?
Thanks and regards,
Tom Troy

My reply

Hello Tom
It is really nice to hear from you.
 I know very little about the Troy’s in New Zealand and when over there with my daughters in April I tended to look in the telephone books to see how many Troy’s there were. Troy seems to be a popular Christian name in NZ but not many with the surname Troy.
I have two of my three Daughters now living in NZ, my oldest lives in Cambridge and my youngest twenty five minutes away in Hamilton East. My wife Val and I love NZ and hope to one day live there. We have only ever lived on Jersey and find NZ is like Jersey was thirty years ago before finance moved here.
It would be great to find out if we are distantly related from way back in Ireland and if you could find your grandfather Thomas Patrick Troy’s fathers name from Limerick it would help. A website that could help is Paul Troy’s in Australia as he has loads of information especially about the Troy’s transported to Australia for petty crimes.
Another is  Oztroys website

http://www.irishtimes.com/ancestor/browse/counties/civilmaps/index.cfm but I don’t think this one will help you much.
I looked at Waterford County Library and the transcribed Griffith's Valuation for help with mine but it is very time consuming and difficult. I had a lot of information from my late cousin Terence Troy which gave me some direction and I also visited Troy’s in Waterford, Ireland.
I will certainly keep a look out for your relations and let you know if I find anything for you. It would be great if we could meet one day in the future for a chat if I make it to NZ.
Good luck and best wishes to you and your family.
All the best

From Eire ( Ireland)


Hi Maurice,

What a wonderful website you have!

There is a good established stronghold of Troy’s in County Offaly in Ireland.

 I was wondering can anyone delve a little deeper and get to the genesis of the jigsaw?

 Circa 1000 AD we spread our wings from Clare to beyond but what destiny brought us there..?

Did we not originate from the nether regions of France?

So many questions.....yet history has and will define us.......

Cormac Troy


My reply


Hello Cormac.

Thanks for the compliment on my website and nice to hear from you.

You pose a very interesting question of how we came to Ireland and there are many answers. There are Troy’s around Dublin who are not part of my clan and they are Norman Troys who I think originally were De Troye’s.

Some other Troys came over from France to Londonderry in Northern Ireland. They were Huguenots and came from the French town of Troyes to escape when the Huguenots in France were being persecuted. Mostly all these left for America.

Going way back in the past is very difficult but I have reason to believe my family roots go back to France but it’s so difficult to trace

Whist Coats of Arms in English Heraldry were described with old English which used French words it does not necessarily mean it is French.  “Griffins segreant combatant d’or” means gold mythical dragon like creatures upright and fighting.

We might be distantly related I think and was wondering if any of your ancestors link up with mine. I go back as far as 1750 to my GGG Grandfather James/John as the names are interchangeable. Would be nice to know.

Best wishes to you and your family

Take care


Text Box: More comments from Australia. ( Western Australia).

Hi Maurice,

                  Thanks for visiting my webpage, I am currently digesting yours… Its still very early morning here (6.00am), I will advise Vera of this when she arises from the deep!! I will be in touch later when I can see what difference this makes to us.
 Many thanks again and good luck to you all, Maurie (Maurice) In OZ everything gets abbreviated...haha..

Take a look at Maurie’s website: Family Troy