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Last update June 2022



June 22

My 2002 Yamaha VMX1200 Full Power Vmax (0-60mph in 2.5 secs)


4 cyls & 2 carbs with the famous V-boost

You will see me out and about around the Island most days unless the weather is bad. Val loves it as well but gets a bit scared sometimes.

Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

You can only pass me when I’m stopped !!

My 1971 Morris Minor pickup


I have five Morris Minors, two pickups, two vans and a convertible which I have owned since 1987. Here is a selection of photos of them all taken 2006. I have a well equipped workshop with arc & mig welders, sprayers, grinders etc and do all the work myself on the vehicles.

I start with my pickup which is a real work horse

Above shows it does go out in the rain.

Above: Me doing a little bit of touching up after  I have fitted new wings.

Next is my 1960 Morris Minor Convertible (original) .

Above: Work I carried out in March 2006, gave her a complete going over. My only helper was my wife Val who helped me lift the engine out and back in again.



Left: Natalie and Paul my grand children love the Moggies

Above: My car pit is really helpful and takes less room than a lift.

The wheels changed colour often but I preferred them black. The grill I tried black, silver and white and went for silver to be different. New brake pipes, brake cylinders, master cylinder etc and really fun, easy and a joy to drive. Good place for parts is Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre in Bath, I have met him personally and he is really interesting to talk to. see my links page

My two Morris Minor vans 1970 and 1971


One is an 1970 ex Jersey Electricity Company works van and the other is an 1971 ex Jersey Telecom engineers van ( the one with side windows)

Photos taken 2006

I have taken and passed my driving test a total of six times. First in a car a fortnight after my seventieth birthday, second time on a motorbike, third time in a lorry for a HGV (heavy goods vehicle),  forth in a taxi for my PSV (Public Drivers licence), fifth for a New Zealand car licence and sixth for a New Zealand motorbike licence.

These two are my next project when I have time. The windowless van which I’ve had since 1987 was used daily by me for over ten years with hardly any problems but as other work had to be done around the farm it was left idle and that’s the worst thing to do to any vehicle.

Morris minors are easy to work on and a joy to drive. Anyone who is practical with common sense can run these vehicles forever. Every nut and bolt is available and all parts are still manufactured today ( see my links page).

Above: Used these in our horse show as a special jump, see our animals

No job is too big. This is the same van in 1978 when we moved a huge double dog kennel with it.

My 1970 Morris Minor van.

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Above before.




Below after



My new


troyfamily co.nz


web site has started .


Link to it on my

“What’s new page”

Over 60 years old and will  possibly still be going in another 60.

I have five four digit Jersey  registrations plates.



Out with the moggy with grand daughter Eva  and her mum and dad.

The greatest difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys

All sold in 2011

I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember. I

 do and I understand.”



My classic cars  I own in 2021


My latest car restoration can be seen at


Our 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge PHEV