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We all love animals and they have played a big part in our lives, in fact one of the reasons for buying the farm was to house our horses when Hamptonne was sold to the national Trust. Mr. Jack Emmanuel former Constable of St Lawrence allowed us use of the meadow at Hamptonne for quite some years and the horses were actually stabled beneath the historic  Langlois House (below).

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Our best friend and guard dog Pepsi. A cross between a Labrador and an Australian cattle dog. Her mother was brought to the island from Australia in a small private plane in short hops. 

The horses are just some of the animals we have had at the farm, others include cats, dogs, turkeys, chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, doves and budgerigars.


Showing the fancy breeds of turkeys, chickens and ducks was a fantastic hobby for the whole family. Lots of trophies


Val was at one time the treasurer of the Jersey Poultry and ornithological society the second oldest club in Jersey.  

JJ competing on Folly and wins show jumper of the year on Cloudy in 1985 in her category.

Nicola wins show jumper of the year on Cloudy 1983 in her category.

Val competing on Ebony

Tuppy real name Crown of Roses was the first Arab pure bred to be born in Jersey. She had an article in the Jersey Magnet Magazine with photos when she was a foal.. Registered pedigree in the Arab horse society of Great Britain. Unfortunately she had to be put down in 2005 because of a blood disorder. Nicola also won show jumper of the year on her in her category. Undoubtedly the prettiest  horse I’ve ever seen. 

Below Nicola aged 10 flying around with another clear round on Folly

Above Nicola expertly jumping Tuppy who was renowned for her higher then necessary  jumps.

Varies photos of Nicola, JJ and Marianne on Tuppy, Folly, Cloudy and Ebony.

Below Marianne practicing on Cloudy.

Right Pepsi showing me one of her tricks catching a ball in the mid air.

Folly, Cloudy and Tuppy resting after a hard day.

Sooty the youngest of our six kittens is now the sole survivor at 21 years of age. She is totally deaf and prefers to sleep all day..

Val and Ebony  competing at different shows.

Above Kayleigh our foster daughter having a ride on Tuppy with Nicola leading her.

Cuckoo Cohin cockbird

Pepsi guarding the house

Marianne with Henry one of our black Chinese cochin cock birds on the kitchen table with all the cups and trophies she has just won with her poultry and water fowl.. He won the big cup.

Some more big Cuckoo Chinese Cochins. We have black, buffs  and whites in this breed as well. We also have had Russian Orloffs, Polish and English breeds

Chickens waiting for scraps from Cloudy

Graham and Natalie talking to Charlie

Above. Marianne back from riding on Bruin.

Val on Ebony and Marianne on Bruin coming back after a cold Sunday morning ride.

Pepsi waiting for her dinner. With that “feed me” look.

Above: One of our goats called Nicky she became a maiden milker which is quite rare( i.e. she produced milk without having to be breed). They are really affectionate and love climbing and standing on small or high objects.

Trixie our prettiest  and most intelligent dog was sadly killed in St Peters valley by a passing taxi when she was two years old.

Below: Two of our Guinea Pigs that had a lovely life with us at the farm

The budgerigars had a big outside aviary but had to come inside in the winter. We had as many as twenty at one time.

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Nicola on a X country competition ride on her horse Bruin (2003)

Four  little heads of our baby house martins looking out their nest that they return to every year

Snowy and speckles two of our rabbits indoors  for a while  and right Nicola leading JJ in a sand school we built at Hamptonne St Lawrence.

Left: The large horsebox I made from a furniture van I bought. Val is stationary by the way and that’s Gemma our dog.


Right: Nicola and JJ winning a fancy dress contest at a horse show.


Above: Our duck pond field.

One of our many Dwarf lopes (Flopsie) the children used to breed and show. Many cups won with them.

Some of our trophies

Me on Folly at Hamptonne

The champions when they were little with their rosettes. Paul, John, Nicola, Zelia and JJ.

JJ assisting Mike Hatcher one of the top UK poultry and water fowl judges at the Bath and West show in the England. Mike and Sylvia Hatcher are very good friends of ours and very well known in the poultry world in the UK, America , Canada, Germany & Holland. At present he is president of the Poultry Club of Great Britain.

Keeping and breeding poultry is a fantastic hobby, they are lovely pets and since we began in 1985 we have found it very rewarding and educational especially when the children were little and now the grand children can enjoy them. The yellow free range eggs are an additional bonus.

Some of the chickens and the turkey hen in the background not wanting to be left out. believe it or not they all have individual characters.



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Sadly Cloudy (Little white cloud) had to be put down at home on the 3rd March 2007 at the grand age of 33. She had a few problems but a growth on her eyelid proved too difficult to treat and we did not want her to suffer.

Tuppy and Cloudy  the best of friends with their fly nets on.

Pepsi keeping my chickens away from the flowers in the front garden.

Below: Our large chicken & turkey breeding runs

Below: Nicola on Ebony

Above: Tuppy, Folly and Cloudy in the top paddock. Note some moveable chicken runs they share with.

Left: Nicola being presented with rosettes by Mr Terry Avery and the Constable of Trinity Mr Cabot.

JJ with some of her cups many for chickens and waterfowl

Below: Like a sentry on parade and showing off the beautiful stag turkey.

The foal is Crown of Roses (Tuppy)

Our American bronze turkeys. The male turkey ( a stag or Tom) is exceptionally beautiful, the sheen on the feathers and the changing colours of the neck and head are fascinating . The females (hens) are more plain but the breed are gentle, friendly and very curious. As baby chicks they are very comical.