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Text Box: Here are just some of the comments I have received about the website.

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Comments from America.




Fabulous site.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking at it, and will continue to do so.


Incidentally, I presume you already have the following link to the Waterford County Library.  But, in case you don't




I went there today, and found a John Troy & Michael Troy, on the Griffiths Valuation records for Cappoquin....


Also, my sister visited Ireland this past September, and stayed with our cousin John who we share a common Great Grandfather / Grandfather.  Interestingly, John told my sister Shannon that our ggf John Troy was originally from somewhere around Lismore, but due to trouble with the law, left and moved to the Graigueshoneen area of Waterford, near the Commeragh's.  He was approximately 16 years old at the time, so that would have been around 1852 - 1857.


As you undoubtedly know, Cappoquin is in the Civil Parish of Lismore and Mocollop (sp)....     So, that would seem to open up the remote possibility that we are fact related.


Our great grandfather John Troy, was born circa 1836 - 1839, exact townland unknown - somewhere near Lismore.


Unfortunately, the church register for the period of his birth is missing.... 




" Drink is the curse of the people...

It makes you fight with your neighbour.

It makes you shoot at your landlord ~

and it makes you miss him. "


Now take a look at Micheal Troy’s Family Page.




My new


troyfamily co.nz


web site has started .


Link to it on my

“What’s new page”


Comments from Australia. (New South Wales ).




Just wanted to let you know that your Website is Great, and greetings from Troy Families in NSW Australia.

Our history is as per attached link below.

I will place your link on ours.


Cheers from us all,



Paul and Jan TROY,


Oztroys website

All these website details are on my Links Page.


Comments from Sweden.




Hello Maurice,


My name is Darren Troy and I am the son of Dermot and Fay Troy.

Have just found your website on the internet and really enjoyed it.

I am now based in Sweden so it is always fun to read about our family and show my children all their relations.

Hope we can meet sometime when we come over to Jersey.


Thanks again for the website and keep up the good work.


Yours sincerely,

Darren Troy. 


Text Box: Comments from New Zealand

 Have been on your web site and am most impressed with all the information you have accumulated  and still finding snippets to keep us all interested! So many historical events that even I was not aware of 
Great work Maurice !

Regards to you and the family


Text Box: More comments from America.

Ref: Margaret Troy.

I enjoyed your web site.  My G Grandmother was Catherine Ann O'Donnell.  Her mother, my GG Grandmother, was Margaret Troy.  I do not have much information.   She was born approx 1825.  She married Corneilus J O'Donnell.  I think Margaret died in 1918.   I think her parents were Michael Todd Troy and Johannah O'Morrissey.   Does my Margaret Troy tie into your family tree? 

Richard McGee
Bloomfield, Michigan, USA (near Detroit)

My reply:

Hello Richard.
Nice to hear from you.
My Great Grandfather Patrick Troy b 1820 married Mary O'Donnell b 1827 and he had a younger sister Margaret born 7/3/1824.
Mary O'Donnell's father was Edmond O'Donnell and it is possible she had a brother Corneilus J O'Donnell if so this would make Patrick and Corneilus brother-in-laws.
The name O'Donnell features as a second name in members of the Troy family here on our island of Jersey because of Mary but I have no recollection of Margaret Troy my Great grandfathers Patrick's sister coming to Jersey.
Next time I am at our archive centre I will look up the O'Donnell's that came to Jersey in case Margaret and her husband did actually visit Jersey as her sister Honora did for a short time.
As a matter of interest my two cousins are Michael O'Donnell Troy (deceased) and Adrian O'Donnell Troy. I also have four second cousins Nicholas O'Donnell Troy, Jonathan O'Donnell Troy, Christopher O'Donnell Troy and Marcus O'Donnell Troy.
Hope this is of some help and I will let you know if I find anything else.
All the very best from all of us

Text Box: Dear Maurice,
I'm a fifth generation Troy from Brooklyn, NY--USA. According to my family history, my Troys came from Limerick. I don't believe we're related.
My gg-grandfather was John Patrick Troy. His wife was Rachel Finney Troy. They arrived in Brooklyn, NY-USA in 1850/1. John Patrick studied law and became a lawyer around 1856. His brother, James Troy, was also a lawyer and county judge.
 My Troys remained in Brooklyn until about WWII. Then they started moving around the United States.
 I found a record marriage license dated 1847 for a John Patrick Troy and Rachel Finney. They were married in Co. Galway. I believe these were my gg-grandparents, but I'm not absolutely sure. I've found no other records in Ireland that tell me anything else about my Troys.
 According to the marriage license, John Patrick Troy's father was James Troy. James was the manager of the Hibernian Hotel in Dublin in 1847. Is there any way I can track down James Troy with this small amount of information that I have. I'm at a dead end.
I've enjoyed reading your website. I was especially interested in the history of the Troy name. I knew a lot of it all ready, but you filled in more blanks for me. Your cousin did a good job of researching.
 It's nice to know that there are more Troys out there. There are quite a few of us here in the USA
Su Troy

My reply
Hello Su.
Nice to hear from you. 
I am also trying to trace a James Troy b1830 who is my g-grandfathers son, my grandfather Patrick's brother, but he would be too young to be the James Troy you mention.
A lot of the church registers and other records went missing around the times we are looking at and I don't think I can help you. It is only by contacting other members of the Troy family that we can discover links to our own.
As a matter of interest to you I have just added some information on all the American Troys that were killed in the first and second world wars but are still buried overseas. I notice that there are three Troys from New York and wonder if they are related to you. They are Edwin G. Troy, Francis J. Troy and William M. Troy. The listings are now on my website under Troy Family history page 3.
If you have the time you will find Paul Troy's website quite interesting and you might find a link back to your James Troy or some New York Troys.
Oztroys website

All the best and good luck
Text Box: More from America (New York).


Comments from Australia (Perth)




Hello Maurice.

 I have just checked out your Troy family tree and was very excited. My grandmother, Mary Anne Stevens (nee Troy) was born in St Helier, Jersey 10 October 1909. Her father was John E Troy born about 1883. His parents were John Troy and Amelia J ?. John E Troy had a sister, Mary H Troy born 1881.

Do you think that they are part of your family? It will be very exciting if they are. I live in Australia now, having emigrated from Surrey, England in 1974 with my parents and four brothers.

Please let me know if my information is of any use to you. If it is, I can let you know what other information that I have. The connection is through my grandmother on my father's side.

Please reply to this email.
Julie Anne Brooks


My reply


Hello Julie.

How great it is to hear from a relation of ours.
If you take a look at my family tree you will see I have added your grandmother’s brother Patrick John Troy.
Today I checked your grandmother’s birth certificate and she is on it as Anne Mary Troy born in No 17 Colomberie St Helier on 10 Oct 1909 and her brother Patrick John Troy was born on the 11/9/1911 at Harve Des Pas St Helier. Their parents were John Edward Patrick Troy (b 1883) and Anne Mary Troy nee Kenny as on my tree.
Your grandmother’s aunty was spelt Mary Ellen Troy b 1881 died 15/7/1968. Sometimes the names were spelt differently i.e. Ellen instead of Helen and Morris instead of Maurice depending on the Registrar.
I cannot trace any other brothers or sisters as yet but will still try when I have time as it is very time consuming. We are definitely related and both go back to James 1750 in Waterford Ireland.
If I have left anything off please let me know or if you have information going further back I would be grateful.
Really nice talking to a distant cousin, please keep in touch.
Best wishes to you and all your family.