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This is our home set in seven acres of woodland and fields in Jersey and above Val and I doing Vertigo to the tip of Auckland's Sky Tower NZ in 2005.

Text Box: My family

Maurice Richard Troy– Valerie Ann Troy (nee Jeanne) were married at St Matthews RC church in St Peter on the 7th Jan1971 by Rev Father D. O’Connell.

Maurice the son of Richard and Eva Troy, ( take a look at  my  parents), and the youngest of their five children. Richard, Anne, Dennis and Mary.  I am also the youngest of all the cousins originating from the thirteen  children of Edward and Sarah Troy, my grandparents. The eldest is the late Brigadier Terence Troy who was Williams’ son. My aunts and uncles were ( my dads brothers and sisters); William, Edward, Maurice, John, Robert, Francis, George, Eileen and Kathleen. Edward died 15/7/1918 aged 23 years due to the major flu epidemic that year and three of their other children died in infancy (christened Winifred and two other Edwards).

I met Valerie in 1965 and we married in 1971. Valerie came from a equally well established Jersey family named Jeanne ( take a look at the Jeanne family). I discovered after we met that I went to De La Salle College ( The Beeches) with her only brother Victor.  We now have three fabulous daughters, Nicola (born1973), JJ* (born 1975) and Marianne (born 1981) all of whom are now married. We also have seven grandchildren Natalie, Paul, Rachael, Eva, Joanna, Samuel and Matthew.     

We are all vegetarian ( Why? Take a look).





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Left: The family on one of our holidays in England. From right to left is Maurice (me) Valerie, Nicola, JJ, Marianne and our foster daughter Kayleigh.

June 22

Maurice Troy and Valerie Jeanne the year we met 1965

Above: Nicola Anne Troy BSc (Hons)  PGCE (Science) At University of Wales Aberystwyth and University of Nottingham.


Above: Marianne Claire Troy BSc (Hons). PGCE (Science) at University of Wales Bangor and University of Bath

Above JJ   BSc (Hons) from University of Newcastle.

Above : JJ   BSc, (Hons) MSc from University of Plymouth.

 Dr JJ  BSc. MSc. DClinPsy. C.Psychol. MNZCCP. AFBPsS. from Royal Holloway University of London.

My father once told me that parents can give their children all the money in the world and they could squander it, but give them a good education and its stays with them for the rest of their lives.


Nicola, JJ* and Marianne were educated at Beaulieu Convent School in St Helier Jersey.


Nicola and Paul  were married at St Matthew’s RC Church St Peter on the 3rd Aug 2001 where we were married.


JJ and Mark were married at Hamptonne, St Lawrence on the 29th April 2005.

Reception was at Beau Vallon Farm our home.


Marianne and Graham were married in the Great Hall at St Ouen’s Manor on the 28th July 2006 . Reception was at Beau Vallon Farm our home.

Above: Valerie posing on one of the taxis at Georges Cabs St Mary. She was sixteen and the taxi I drove was the pale blue Ford Corsair in the background in the garage.

Left: While plastering I worked part time (evenings, weekends) when I was single at George’s Cabs St Mary with Val as the  radio operator, I found myself taking all the drunk farm hands from the country pubs on the north coast and seemed to have all the rowdy male passengers whilst the other drivers had all the young women going back and forth to discos in St. Helier. The times I did have women on board she would call over the radio and ask for things to be brought back for her. She was worth it though because I never found anyone better than her and never will.

Above is Valerie with JJ and Nicola when they were little and left is Marianne with me.

My idol when I was growing up was Sir Norman Wisdom and I was lucky enough to spend an evening at his house in the Isle of Man along with just Graham and Marianne. We had coffee and biscuits he played the piano and told us plenty of stories A really great man who sadly died on the 4th Oct 2010.

The three degrees when they were younger.

Val and Marianne in the Maternity hospital St Saviours Rd where Val and I were also born.

Left to right. Rachael, Natalie and Paul Maurice our grandchildren and Paul and Nicola’s children .

Marianne on a winters day walk on the beach ( not on her own I add)

Above a proud father on that granite bench again.

Above is Val with Nicola and baby JJ at her christening party at our bungalow “Bahama” Royal Vineries Drive in St Lawrence.

Valerie grew up at Egypt in the Parish of Trinity on the island of Jersey that’s why I always knew she would make a good mummy.

Our old bungalow “Bahama” Royal Vineries Drive St. Lawrence, Built by me in 1970 and sold in 1985. Take a look at my early life

Jersey Battle of Flowers 1982 Nicola & JJ ( in front on both photos ) winning first prize in their class with the 6th  St Lawrence Brownies Pack. I helped build the float.

Left: Nicola & JJ winning  again in 1983 with my brother Dick’s Guest house in the background on Victoria Avenue St Helier.

Right Our girls spending a night in a spare room at the farm with their new born kittens.

“Bedtime story please dad”

Doctor JJ  in the early years.

The hunters rescuing snails.

Nicola’s First communion with her Granny my Mum.

Marianne’s First communion with Granny

Valerie at castle Cornet on holiday in Guernsey with me when we were single, we stayed with my Aunty Kath ( my mum’s sister) and Uncle Bill Clarke. I was put in a bedroom at one end of their guest house and Val at the other end. They were really sweet  and spoilt us, I hired a mini and we had a great holiday.



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Val when I met her



The Blessing of the Apaches


May the sun bring you new energies by day;

May the moon softly restore you by night.

May the rain wash away any worries you may have;

And the breeze blow new strength into your being.

And all the days of your life,

May you walk gently through the world

And know its beauty.


Now you will feel no rain,

for each of you will be shelter for each other.

Now you will feel no cold,

for each of you will be the warmth for the other.

Now you are two persons,

but there is only one life before.

Go now to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your life together.

And may your days be good and long upon the earth.



Left to right. Samuel Douglas Troy and Eva Valerie our  grand daughter and Grand son. Mark and JJ’s children.

JJ’s First communion with Granny who was too ill to attend so we visited her after.

Marianne and Sooty

Our wedding 1971

Joanna Mary our  Grand daughter and our latest Grandson Matthew Philip. Graham and Marianne’s  children.

Text Box: Because of the nature of my middle daughter's’ profession I shall be calling her Dr JJ or just JJ on this website.