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Text Box: The Vegetarian society     
You must take a look at this site I find it very interesting. 


June 22




Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

Text Box: VIVA  
 Vegetarians International Voice for Animals 
 For all intelligent and caring people 

Text Box: Freemasonary

Jersey is renown for it’s freemasonry.                 Is it good or is it bad. 

Following on from my snippets page take a look and make your own mind up.

http://www.bilderberg.org/masons.htm  See Jersey Masonic Year Book 1998
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2066846.stm and Royal Court case here 
Text Box: Charles Ware’s Morris Minor Centre.  
All you Morris Minor motoring enthusiasts this is a must.


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Recommended by myself locally here in Jersey

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Vegetarian and vegan beers and wines.


This is a very good site to see which are the animal free beers and wines.



The occupation of the Channel Islands 1940-1945


Two very interesting web sites on this sad history


Brian Ahier’s website



Old cars and commercials.


Go back in time and reminisce with a look at  this great website. Really worth a look if you enjoy old vehicles from time past. I recommend this if you have time.


  Chris Hodge’s website

Text Box: Animalaid

This is a very informative web site for all those that care and an eye opener. 


Before you jump to any conclusions over anti vivisectionists you should take a look at the   

             British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. 


BUAV web site


   Buav home page

For all specialist decorative work in your home contact:


C. A. Lagadu


Specialist in.

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Text Box: Note: Have you missed why we are all vegetarians, its definitely worth a look. Look here.

There are lots of links to other pages on this web site which you might have missed. I hope the hyperlinks were not too hard to find. Here are some.


Troy’s killed in the

1st & 2nd World wars


Korean war




The Jeanne family.


Our riding club cross-country event


Troy’s in the Island of Jersey census 1851, 1871, 1891, 1901.


Why we are all vegetarian


Passenger list of all Troy’s who  emigrated from the UK between 1890 to 1929 to America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. can be found on the census page.



Statistical facts about Jersey.




The awful murder of James Troy in Ireland and the beating of Maurice Troy in New York

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Take a look at their Web site:  Forum Garage

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My new


troyfamily co.nz


web site has started .


Link to it on my

“What’s new page”

Here are some more very interesting Troy websites, well worth a visit.



Troys in Australia.


From New South Wales take a look at Paul Troy’s (related to us) website.

Lots of information on the Troy's who emigrated or were sent to Australia.

Thoroughly recommended by me and not to be missed.


Take a look at Oztroys website  created by Paul Troy




And from Western Australia take a look at Maurie and Vera (nee Troy) Thompson’s website  Family Troy



Troys in America.


From Northeastern Virginia take a look at Micheal Troy’s (related to us) website.


Micheal Troy’s family page

Would you like to go green but not sure about which car to own, the take a look at these two options.



Practical option





Speed/ image option

The Tesla electric car video clip.


(And keep watching )



The Tesla electric car video clip


Welcome to the Companions of the Longbow

We are a group of enthusiasts whose aims are to promote the skills and use of the medieval longbow in a fun and safe environment.  Wherever possible we shoot outdoors, using traditional equipment and using traditional medieval shooting



Definitely worth a look...see me as a guest shooter in their photos on 23/30th Sept 2006. Watch their news they are coming to Jersey

( See pictures of me at their Christmas party in door shoot on 12th Dec 2007, it was freezing cold. )

Text Box: My New Zealand Troy family  website has started………


The history of the Troy surname name arriving in NZ and updates of my family’s life in New Zealand. 

Will include explanations of how the NZ Government operates, the history of the battle of Gate Pa, the Treaty of Waitangi and many other interesting items.

Links to other interesting websites below.

My son in law Mark’s NZ websites.


Mark’s Medieval Archery. (Make a booking today).


Mark of Plymouth’s fletching shop.


He was in the UK Companions of the long bow, see him in red and green in their pictures of long bow archers.


His is involved with other NZ long bow club’s  here and here.



This website guide.



Links to Troy Family history.


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Links to E.Troy Ltd.


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That’s me competing in Mark’s club at Rove’s farm Swindon.

Mark’s club in the UK

Many of my pages are hidden on this website and can only be reached by following hyper links I have placed in the existing pages.

Our piano now in NZ



1907 John Brinsmead piano

Established in the reign of King William the fourth.

By appointment of the King and the Queen

Serial Number 61476


Brought new to Jersey in 1907 by Donaldson Brothers, 2, 4 &6 Belmont Road,

St Helier, Jersey.


Early purchase history unknown but it was supposedly used at the little playhouse theatre in New Street, St Helier for some time.


During the German Occupation of Jersey 1940 to 1945 it was used by the SS Officers at ‘Silvertide’, Harve Des Pas St Helier Jersey for their entertainment. The property was the SS headquarters for the Gestapo also known to be a brothel for SS officers.

A German SS officer’s name was found inside the piano denoting the dates he had tuned it during the five years of the occupation.


During the 1950’s it was tuned regularly by McKees of Beresford St, St Helier.


During the 1960’s it was tuned by W. Jepson & Son of Manor Park Road, La Pouqulaye, St Helier.


During the 1990’s it was tuned by Scrivan’s Piano Centre, 72 Bath St St helier.


Marianne’s piano purchased in 1996 was shipped to New Zealand in 2010.


It has a cast iron frame, is straight strung and was tuned to A440 in 1999 which is excellent.

Some new piano bridle straps fitted in 2016.

(Complete set of new spare bridle straps stored inside of piano).


Brinsmead Pianos Serial Numbers

1869 - 13361
1872 - 14897
1875 - 24750
1876 - 27500
1877 - 29006
1880 - 31600
1885 - 33000
1890 - 36000

1895 - 41000
1900 - 45000

1905 - 54200
1910 - 64250
1915 - 73200
1920 - 79550

1925 - 81600
1930 - 82750

1935 - 83200
1940 - 84150
1945 - 84400

1950 - 84750
1952 - 85100
1954 - 85320
1955 - 85450
1956 - 85680

1956 - 85680
1957 - 85800
1958 - 85930
1959 - 86050