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Some of my observations and thoughts.



Not so many years ago you were able to leave your house unlocked, your car keys in the ignition, your push bike outside the shop you entered etc. and even when going swimming you could safely leave your clothes in a bundle on the beach. Women and young girls were able to walk freely through isolated wooded paths even at night and not be afraid. Not so nowadays, so what has gone wrong? I believe it’s the lack of discipline that’s creeped into all our lives. Parenting skills and family life are now almost finished and will never return I’m afraid. Most of the young have no empathy anymore. Also when at school we were actually punished for any wrong doing which may have been over the top a little but it put fear in us which made you act and think differently without you realising. Same when growing up there was corporal punishment with humiliation (the birch) which is the best deterrent of all and proven to work. Nowadays even murderers have nothing to really fear from their actions no matter how gruesome their crime may be, there seems to be no appropriate consequences available these days. Aside from being locked in it is a kin to three star hotel accommodation, food, health, games, comfort etc. far better than some old people rest homes.

Bullies and criminals never experience fear, they just look you in the eye and say “whatever “if caught or spoken to. Children are saying this to their teachers in the classrooms nowadays and fear nothing because there is nothing to fear.

We have allowed discipline and respect to vanished.

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June 22

Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

Our property has green lanes on two sides of it which have a speed limit of 15mph. Unfortunately this is never adhered to and walking the grand children or doing my branchage ( cutting my roadside trees and hedges) twice a year they are  as dangerous as a main road. Whilst it is difficult to keep to this limit and 20mph or 25mph is the norm, lots of cars seem to do 35mph or 40mph as there does not seem to be any policing of them.

Have you noticed lately that every time a blatant  mistake is made no matter how big or bad in any high office capacity including government all parties are completely exonerated and no one held accountable by the saying “lessons will be learnt”

While in the UK  I decided to by a Garmin sat/nav and was told that if it was posted to Jersey they would deduct the UK VAT (value added tax) at source or I could purchase it there and then at the full price and have a VAT refund form to claim the refund when I leave the UK. I opted for the later.

However having checked what was required of me to make this claim on the UK Customs internet site I tried to carry the instructions out as prescribed. It states you must physically show the Customs officer the item, packaging, invoice, receipt and have the form stamped.

Arriving at Poole harbour early I discovered there was no Customs present and after enquiring from harbour staff was told to simply post the form in a special letter box when passing through immigration. The letter box was so full that forms were falling out and blowing away. I had to hold the cars up while I struggled to squeeze my form in safely.

Seven months went by so I wrote to Customs and Excise as I had kept a note of everything on the form and eventually received a reply apologising for the problems with the letterbox and said the procedures vary as to what is on their web site. They had processed my form and told me to contact the retailer which I did.

There is however a administration charge of their choice which the retailer can deduct off your refund. The moral of the story is always try to get the VAT deducted at source. 

The stamp that every real channel Islander has to carry in their passport under the terms of Protocol 3 stating that “ Holder is not entitled to benefit from European Community provisions relating to employment or establishment" does in my opinion discriminate against the true British Channel Islanders.

Recently on radio our Chief Minister agreed that the agriculture position ( the original reason for it) had changed but stated that to renegotiate the terms of Protocol 3 now would open up lots of advantages that we have gained for the financial market that would be quickly taken away by Europe. He said “It has to stay”.

If that is the case why not give those few people with this burden, it is also a psychological burden to carry, a slight tax advantage to ease the bitterness it is causing. Any small concession as a gesture such as  an extra amount on their personal Tax allowance for these 5000 original Jersey inhabitants would have help enormously.

However this is going to have to change with Brexit during this year.


Acoustic music is far superior than amplified music as you are able to hear the words and feel the skill involved in playing the instrument. No electronic trickery and a much more natural feel which makes for a pleasant time altogether, especially on the ear drums.

After battling through a switchboard pressing number one then number three etc, I finally found someone to speak to. After explaining what I wanted I was transferred to the correct person only to find they are on voicemail because they are out of the office or at a meeting. You are left with the option of leaving a message or going back to the operator. If you leave a message you have no idea when they will call back very often when I have left and the times I have gone back to the operator I am again invariably transferred to someone else on voicemail. This is happening more and more and I feel you can judge a company by the way they handle your call.

The RSPCA do a wonderful job but very rarely bring any prosecutions, when was the last one you have heard about?  I have only heard of about three in the last ten years in Jersey and it’s the publicity that is needed to help stop all the cruelty going on. Even when you report cruelty to them their hands are tied as they say they cannot investigate unless they have proof. We knew of a case personally and the dog was put down immediately a vet eventually saw it. It was sad because that dog could have been saved but the fact the animal never left the room it was in no one was aware of how it was treated. Had the RSPCA called to the house to take a look and take it away instead of saying they will keep an eye out for it, then maybe the dog would not have suffered the mental and physical abuse it went through. Also when watching 24/7 animal program on TV the fines are so miniscule and the verbal warnings so feeble it does not act as a deterrent. The RSPCA need more teeth and have to use them. We often hear of driving licences being taken away but never a dog licence being revoked or refused. It seems it’s just a formality to make money by the authorities.

In Jersey lots of developments are given the go ahead with conditions such as replacing or re erecting  historic granite arch ways, staircases, windows etc  that are demolished for the development. Also allowing developments with less parking than set out in law on the promise to set up car sharing schemes. The trouble is no one follows this up and years later its all forgotten. Remember Rue Fondon in St Peter that had a covenant set on the agriculture field when gifted to the parish, it was temporarily lifted to allow temporary industrial buildings stating they would be demolished in twenty five years as it was just temporary. Well the covenant was completely lifted years later by the states when every one had forgotten about it and now we have Jackson's garage permanently there as well as other big buildings. The object of this article is to say never gift a piece of land or property to the States of Jersey with a wish attached, it is usually ignored. Remember Mr.Le Seeleur’s generous gift of his house and workshop in Oxford road St Helier with an express wish that it be used for the elderly of the Island and many more properties after all these years lying in disrepair.

Digitally enhanced pictures should be labeled with a warning like cigarettes, not only are they misleading they are dangerous. Recently on television they showed how easy it was to change pictures from models, houses, cars and even food. The models on magazines look nothing like themselves in real life and young girls try to look like these pictures causing health problems. Necks can be lengthened and body and legs narrowed down. The old saying “the camera never lies” is no longer true.

Some large retailers in Jersey sometimes charge at the till a different price that is shown on the shelf. Always check your receipt. Not lately but a few years ago this happened to me on four  consecutive visits to B&Q in Jersey, sometimes not noticed till I arrived home. The manager at the time was very helpful and always refunded or credited me. On one of the low energy lights I bought the price was double what the price on the shelf showed. The manager explained that some items were labelled before the computer was updated or vice versa. I now always make a mental note and spend two minutes checking before I leave any store.

Jersey is renowned for freemasonry. This was portrayed on national television on three half hour ITV programs not so long ago. A few years ago when asked live on Channel Television if the seventeen senatorial candidates would answer yes or no if they were Freemasons they failed to answer and were not pressed, in fact it was laughed off. There are strong rumours that most of the Royal Court Jurats, Police and Civil Service Chief Officers are masons but no one really knows and there is a perceived fear to ask. I personally was shocked to discover  that there is some truth in this, however take a look at my links page and make your own mind up. I remember my father warning me ”In Jersey it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that counts.”


Most of the lyrics on popular music produced during the fifties and sixties were completely audible and films and TV speech could be clearly heard. Alas not so these days as all the emphasis in technology seems to have focused on picture quality. The stereo, Dolby surround sound etc. has improved but many film and TV directors seem to think the actors should mumble and drool their words to make the effect more realistic, plus all back ground noise must be included. In my opinion this does not always work and makes very unpleasant viewing as seen by the number of complaints to several new 2014 TV series. People that are complaining are saying they have had to switch off. What’s also annoying is the incessant drum role during the TV and radio news bulletins drowning out certain words. Apparently this is to make the news more dramatic than what it really is.

Progress is not always good. 

Crime pays that’s for sure. The punishment never fits the crime both here in Jersey and in the UK, they not only have a reduced sentence if they plead guilty, they are also released early. Watching television programs on real crime they are concluded with the sentencing of the offenders and we usually end up laughing at the leniency of the sentence, why bother! All the man power and danger involved in catching these criminals is not reflected in the punishment and some crimes like driving while uninsured it is cheaper than being insured. Killing someone attracts a more lenient sentence than injuring a person as the judge says they must live with it on their conscience Here in Jersey we have huge headlines on sentences  for drugs and beatings only to find three months later in small print on page five or six that the sentence has been reduced on appeal. I would love to know how many times this happened in the last two years.

If you have any comments you would like to add about anything on this website please contact the website administrator.





1966 States of Jersey telephone van

The States of Jersey Ministerial Government in my opinion is not working and the majority of the people I talk to are not happy the way the Island is being run. Recently on Radio Jersey a minister told a caller that if he was not happy with him he can show that at the next election. This particular minister was elected with very few votes in a district in St Helier and could possibly retain his prominent position regardless how the island  majority vote. Its the Chief minister who chooses his ministers and he is chosen by the States Members (secret ballot, usually with a foregone conclusion) which I feel could give way to favouritism when ministers are chosen.


Jersey is a wonderful place to live as an island in its isolation it has everything nearby, beautiful beaches, cliff paths, sand dunes, lovely valleys and of course a warmer climate than the rest of Great Britain. Its proximity to France and the sea and air links to the UK makes us feel secure even though the travelling can be a bit of a nuisance as its not just a trip in the car and has to be planned.


After coming back from driving in France or the UK it seems so slow to get anywhere yet the slower pace is so much more enjoyable and the Jersey drivers are very polite.


Walking around the many footpaths and green lanes that crisscross the island  is very pleasurable and at times still remind me of the old times when the island was not so populated, when I was growing up. Each of the twelve parish churches have their own Sanctuary path to the sea that gave safe passage to anyone trying to escape prosecution centauries ago and can still be walked today.

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My new


troyfamily co.nz


web site has started .


Link to it on my

“What’s new page”

"What is life?”


“It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."


Quote from:


Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator





2021 What with Brexit and the Coronavirus a lot of my snippets are not relevant.


Will update later.

An Ex Senator of the States of Jersey Mr Stuart Syvret was jailed in Nov 2011 and again in Nov 2013 in reality to stop him trying to bring child abuse injustices into the public domain which the £24,000,000 Public Inquiry has now proven him to be right in 2017.


The Government had to stop him by any means possible to protect themselves. Hence the secret super injunction slapped on him ( July 2013 ) that no one can talk about


This cannot end surely.


Ordinary Islanders don’t really understand what’s going on. But it’s not all their fault as the local media (BBC,CTV,JEP) are not doing what they should do and that is some investigative journalism. The British Government  should investigate these editors that I believe were withholding the truth from the islanders for some unknown reason..


Check out his blog.


He even produced original police evidence, emails and forced into exile etc


Stuart Syvret Blog.


Possibly the bravest politician of our time in the British Isles.



Do we ever pay attention or is the world only as we believe it to be?


Interesting read here

Honour is better than honours


Abraham Lincoln

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.


Mark Twain

All children are born with a brain that is like a blank canvas.


It is parents that are responsible for colouring  the background.


Maurice Troy

You are very lucky if you have good parents because you are in all respects what your parents make you.


Are you a good parent?





Maurice Troy

Light travels faster than sound

This is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak

Our one party ministerial government cannot work unless it is open and transparent and all ministers must have an Island wide mandate.


Constables and Deputies of parishes should not be Ministers.


The old committee system did work well.


2015. We have had a freedom of information law and discrimination law brought in at last but unlike the rest of Britain the Sates of Jersey are protected from it.

July 2009 ( English Papers).


Meat ‘doubles  cancer risk’


VEGETARIANS are about half as likely to develop cancer of the blood as meat eaters, new research suggests.

In a study of 61,000 people over 12 years, Cancer Research UK’s epidemiology unit at Oxford University found a “striking difference” between the groups in the risk of cancers including Leukaemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

With bankers in mind.



It is a fact that when slavery was abolished it was the slave owners, and not the slaves, who received compensation from the government of the day. So nothing changes does it?

The man who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it

“Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materialises. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift.”


Mary Manin Morrissey.



What you start off with before you completely understand the situation.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything.


Albert Einstein

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

In the UK wind farms have been paid more than £43million to stand idle in 2014, a new British record.

The payments, funded through householders’ electricity bills, were made to suppliers because the National Grid was unable to use their electricity.


All the more reason to promote electric vehicles in cities around the UK to protect our air quality that’s causing so many slow premature deaths

2015. Work to digitize patients' records in Jersey could cost a further £12m after a scheme failed to be delivered within budget, a scrutiny body says.

The Health and Social Services Department was given £12m in 2006 to get records on to a central system.

It was expected to take five years but has still not been completed.11 years later.

The Public Accounts Committee said: "Execution needs to improve. When projects conclude, they need to be evaluated so the organization can learn lessons."

A really nice poem called “Today” ( I do not know the name of the author)
Today I left some dishes dirty, the bed got made around 2.30,
The nappies soaked a little longer,  the odour grew a little stronger,
The crumbs I spilt the day before, stared up at me from off the floor.
The fingerprints there on the wall, will likely still be there next fall.
The dirty streaks on those window panes, will still be there next time it rains.
"Shame on you, old lazy bones" you say, "and just what have you done today?"
I nursed a baby till he slept I held a toddler whilst he wept
I played a game of hide and seek I squeezed a toy so it would squeak
I pulled a wagon, sang a song, taught a child right from wrong.
What did I do this whole day through? Not much that shows I guess it's true.
Unless you think that what I've done, might be important to someone,
With bright blue eyes and soft blonde hair, If that is true, I've done my share.


I'm a funeral director and no body wants to talk to me.