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More of my observations and thoughts.

There was an extremely rich man who wanted to make certain that he would have a safe and long life. He bought an island in the West Indies where he built himself a huge self sufficient castle type home which was earthquake proof and even had it’s own nuclear fall out bunker. The day it was completed he took a trip on his boat with his architect to a nearby island to admire it from afar. As he stepped back in the shade to take a look a coconut fell off a tree and hit him on the head and killed him.


The moral of the story is that the only thing certain during your lifetime is your death.



My new troyfamily co.nz


 web site has started .

Planning too far ahead and putting things off till you retire is wrong because you never know what’s around the corner. One small problem can pull you in a direction you never intended to go, then of course your health can also change so quickly.

No matter how well you plan things in your life it just stems down to fate and luck.

Now in 2021 I feel the time is fast approaching when ordinary people are going to be forced  take the law into their own hands. The justice system is letting victims and the public down badly with their leniency and nobody in big business is accountable anymore, even MP’s and also doctor’s incompetence (they all protect one another). Driving without a licence brings on a driving ban or points in their licence (what licence) and protecting your home brings the law down on you etc.  


An interesting article in our Jersey Evening Post by Christine Herbert states “ According to one recruitment specialist I spoke to last week, the desire to bring in outsiders at the upper end of the scale remains exceedingly strong. There seems to be the assumption that anyone who is classified as a resident will not have the necessary experience or acumen to do the job. The short-term result, suggests the specialist, is that Islanders hoping for promotion are sidelined and in the longer term the industry then creates a two-tier structure where non-Islanders become the crème de la crème and locals the worker bees.”


I have heard on the news of a father who killed his four month old son with his drugs because he thought he would stop him crying whilst he looked after him. He has  been given five years in jail. Also on BBC TV Crime Watch we see horrendous murders which involve torture in some cases and many shootings in which the perpetrators don't give a dam. Some will blatantly shoot a police man/woman without a second thought.   Normal law abiding people are disgusted by the crimes and the lenient sentences given out.

First degree murder where there is absolutely no doubt of guilt it should mandatory carry the death sentence, this would really act as a deterrent and criminals would think twice whether to carry a firearm or not.

Corporal punishment as we had in Jersey when I was young would solve the problem of our overcrowded prison. We had a punishment called “the birch” which not only cut the vandalism but very rarely saw the offenders re-offend  again.

Abortion has to be wrong. Any intelligent thinking person must know that the living child in the womb is alive even if it is supported by its mothers body and no doctor has the right to kill it. That person killed has as much right as you have for your life on earth. Anyone supporting abortion cannot possibly defend euthanasia.

Euthanasia on the other hand where the person involved actually gives their consent to die is strictly forbidden under the law which if you think about it makes a mockery out of the argument for the abortion law

Travelling back from the UK on a flight I happened to have a mother and two young boys sitting behind me. I couldn’t help but notice the mother’s lack of communication with them, the odd shout of “be quiet “ or “ sit still” was heard but no questions were attempted to be answered about the excitement of the journey they were on. Even when coming in to land and approaching the beautiful west coast of Jersey they were left to squabble amongst themselves without being told to look out the window. It wasn’t till the wheels touched the runway that they noticed the land and were very happy to watch everything. On leaving the plane I over heard her say to them that she hated taking them anywhere.

In contrast to us, when our children were little, we used to explain everything to them all the time which  kept them interested, helped them understand what was going on and made the journey very enjoyable.

Text Box: Children
If a child lives with criticism - he learns to condemn.
If a child lives with hostility - he learns to fight.
If a child lives with ridicule - he learns to be shy.
If a child lives with shame - he learns to feel guilt.
If a child lives with tolerance - he learns to be patient.
If a child lives with encouragement - he learns confidence.
If a child lives with fairness - he learns justice.
If a child lives with security - he learns to have faith.
If a child lives with approval - he learns to like himself.
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship - he learns to find love in the world


My solution to reducing the carbon footprint of our island of Jersey is easy if only our government had the will power. Statistics show that in the our 45 sq miles of this island we have more vehicles than population, of which well over 9000 an hour travel in then out of St Helier each day and statistics also show that nearly 90% carry only one person. Why can’t Jersey follow the example of London where they are encouraging the use of electric cars by allowing free parking and no congestion charge. These cars are ideally suited for Jersey, their range exceeds the length of the island ten times and their speed limit exceeds our all island speed limit. That's what we should encourage.






The Tesla electric car.

Cars like these could be used for all internal use

on the island with a congestion/parking charge

imposed on internal combustion vehicles to make

up the loss of revenue on the fuel tax. Remember

the demand for electricity drops at night and power companies usually lower their unit rates to promote its usage making it an ideal time to charge an electric car..


Anybody wishing to leave the island on business or holiday regularly could keep their car (pay the congestion charge) or hire a car on departure or arrival at their destination.

Unfortunately a recent English survey showed the majority of the population don’t care about the distant future as it will not effect them and countries like America don’t see why they should reduce their carbon footprint when third world countries are increasing theirs. Another problem here in Jersey is that with the affluent finance industry and the huge amount of salaries being paid to the majority of the work force the car is used as a status symbol. We see cars creeping around our island of 45 sq miles that can triple our island speed limit and huge boats/yachts that are able to use tax exempt fuel.  It’s the role of governments to lead, set examples and impose rules to protect this beautiful earth of ours. 



The majority of people I meet are not happy with the way we are governed. Some of the recent worries is the secrecy of our government. The amount of in camera decisions and politicians not being allowed to see minutes of meetings between the Island’s most senior civil servants, which is what the Chief Minister told the States. The Senator said that as the Corporate Management Board, chaired by States chief executive, was an operational body that handled the day-to-day business of running the public sector, it would not be appropriate for the minutes of its meetings to be available to States Members. Who is running this island? We are told  the Scrutiny process had been disrupted by the fact that minutes of meetings are withheld from them.

Another is the accusations  that the introduction of a Freedom of Information Law is being stalled . Deputy Roy Le Hérissier said that the lack of progress since Members voted in July 2005 to introduce a law and the delays by the Privileges and Procedures Committee in their 19 months in office were ‘unconscionable’ and that suspicions would be raised that there was an ulterior motive for holding up the legislation.




A letter from a Mr Green in our Jersey Evening Post sums up some of the feelings, it says:


First I will refer to Anthony Lewis’s article in the JEP of 10 October in which he appears to be attempting to deal with the serious and controversial issue of corruption in an apparently light-hearted way. The majority of the honest and hard working citizens of the Island may not be so flippant in their attitude towards what they may perceive to be a very serious issue indeed.

 Corruption is an attitude of mind which is as old as mankind. There are those whose aim is to corrupt and those that are willing to be corrupted. It does not need to take the form of cash in the hand as Anthony Lewis implies The more subtle form is rewards for services rendered which are extremely hard to detect This can be seen quite clearly in the way the UK government honours are currently being investigated.

More recently (JEP 18 October) there appears an attempt to determine the cause of the reluctance among the electorate to cast their vote. Why is it so difficult for those in authority to understand that the apathy which exists at election time is surely because of genuine concerns the way this Island is run?

How many times have I heard the complaint “What’s the point of voting for politicians who are only there to look after themselves’ or they are only there to feather their own nest’ rightly or wrongly this may be the public’s attitude towards thou perception of corruption.  In the close knit community in which we all live governed of late by an even closer knit government than at any time in the modern history of Jersey it is not hard to understand the fears and suspicions of the populace, albeit they may be unfounded

This can be seen very clearly in the way the press has been barred from a meeting to be attended by States Members behind closed doors also reported in the JEP of

18 October. Meetings held in camera’ usually refer to matters of national security. So what are politicians hiding from the press and the public which requires such secrecy? This is clearly not the way a government should behave if it is to enjoy the trust of the people.

 Human nature as it is, is seen in the way the enthusiastic attitudes of eager to elected politicians change from those convincing speeches when they promise the earth at the hustings to the watered down versions of those election promises which appear as surely, as day turns to night. Once elected  many politicians  then complete the transition and become human chameleons.

With that in mind might I remind you of Lord Ashton’s definition of power and corruption, ‘Power tends to corrupt: absolute power corrupts absolutely,” was an observation made by Lord Ashton, a 19th century British historian, that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases.

As we now appear to be increasingly governed by an autocratic government, ie government by individuals with unrestricted authority, the public perception rightly or wrongly that corruption may exist can only be dealt with by an open and transparent government with an effective opposition to ensure that checks and balances are in place to ensure that the ministers in power are accountable to the general public.

Then and only then will the voting public of this Island be confident enough in the way Jersey is being managed for the good of all the people to cast their vote at election time

2018 Worth a read. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2018/03/08/deputy-corruption-a-cancer-in-public-sector/  (copy and paste).

Jersey has had 222 new laws passed in the last six years, this compares with 110 in Guernsey, 96 in Isle of Man, 18 in Alderney and 14 in Sark. This legislation receiving Royal Assent in the Crown Dependencies was between Feb 2001 and May 2007 the majority was for the finance industry.

And still no proper consumer protection, freedom of information or discrimination laws here in Jersey .



There was this chap who applied for a job and he came to the part on the application form where it said, "Are your parents still living and if not how did they die?" Unfortunately this chap's father died as a result of a hanging because of a crime he'd committed. Of course the boy wasn't proud of it, but he'd been taught to tell the truth, and yet he was so embarrassed that finally he wrote these words in on the application blank. He said, "My father was attending a public function when the platform on which he was standing collapsed."

I’m sure he went on to become a brilliant politician because that’s real spin.

"We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can't speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees."


Quote from:


Qwatsinas (Hereditary Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

Electric cars use less energy and create less pollution than fossil fuel cars even when they are charged from peak rate electricity. Even the pollution at the power station for a peak rate charged electric car is much less than the pollution caused by fossil fuelled cars. Nowadays, mains electricity is supplied by power stations with desulphurisation plant to reduce pollution; highly efficient (65%) gas fired combined cycle power stations with lower CO2 emissions as well as nuclear and renewable contributions. Car manufacturers claim that their most efficient diesel engines are now approaching 50% efficient - about the same as a hydrogen fuel cell, but these efficiencies are only achieved at high speed when fuel consumption is high, so that few cars are capable of more than 25% efficiency overall, much less than the 80-95% efficiency of which electric vehicles are capable.


Other facts that have come to light is that the production of Bio fuels is becoming harmful to the eco system of our earth.


And certain well known diesel vehicle producers have been cheating  about their emissions.

It appears that once the members of the States of Jersey changed from honorary to paid politicians they lost that special respect that was given to past members and the populations expectations of them increased.






Laws I would pass.



'Coughing without due care and attention.'


'Looking at me in a funny way'


‘Walking in a loud shirt in a built-up area during the hours of darkness.


‘Walking around with an offensive wife’ this one definitely. 

This is very interesting

Nowadays any police officer in Britain goes about his job in fear of his life but the criminal knows that no matter what the consequence  in evading him or the law his life will not be in danger if brought to justice.



It’s the justice system that is letting us all down.

Is the recent “Baby P” case in the UK not a good reason to bring back capital punishment. Just read the facts on the internet and see what you think. This man tortured animals all his life for fun and was left in charge of an innocent baby not even his own. (Already released from prison in 2014 )

“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”


Martin Luther King:

A Brush electric milk float which is what most people think of when talking about electric vehicles. So far from the truth nowadays. This was the first in Jersey in Dec 1948 purchased by L.J.Tanguy Ltd dairies in Don Rd St Helier.

Hydrogen v electricity.


A hydrogen car is one of the least efficient, most expensive ways to reduce greenhouse gases. Hydrogen has to be made and it’s not cheap. The cost mile (in energy terms) of a hydrogen car is between three and four times that of a battery powered car. For hydrogen to be useable as a vehicle fuel, it has to be compressed (700 atmospheres of pressure), or chilled (-253C — seriously cryogenic). Not practical, particularly as the hydrogen in the tank of a car will boil off slowly and escape. After two weeks most of your fuel has disappeared, so parked up at an airport will be not very good on your return. Also fuelling stations are hard to find where as electric power points are all around us already.

Read this and think of Baby P


Murdered and tortured by his mother and her lover.


Today There Will Be Silence Mum,
No Crying Will You Hear.
I Didn't Mean To Anger You,
I Just Wanted You Near.
Today There Will Be Sleep Again,
I Wont Cry Out In Vain.
The Nights I Need Comforting,
Were Filled With Hurt And Pain.
How Could Someone So Big And Strong,
Strike Out At Little Me?
I Was A Gift,
YOUR Little Boy,
Unwanted, Now I See.
Today There Will Be Love At Last,
On Angels Wings I'll soar.
Way Up High,
Above The Clouds,
Through The Heavens Golden Doors.
So Mummy Say A Proper Prayer For Me,
For The Life I'll Never Know.
I Just Wish You Could Have Cared For Me,
For I Would Have Loved You So.



Note. The mother is already released from prison in 2013, where’s justice.

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong

Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need more.

Why do car companies (except Tesla) seem to  make electric vehicles so ugly?


During night time there is less demand for electricity and this fact could be of advantage. Read right article.

Sad world.


The best  and safest investment at the moment is in the arms manufacture and supply business which is very big and very confidential.

You would be shocked by the people and governments involved in this but never heard about.

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been to bed with a mosquito.

Agree or not but it is a fact that air pollution is affecting the health of all the population on our earth. No one can escape it.

You can make a small change individually but it really is up to politicians and governments to force the change on us for our own good.

 Who is brave enough?

( California is).

Understanding vehicle pollution.


A full tank of diesel or petrol is heavy you would agree. Once that full tank is used it is dissipated into the atmosphere and into the air that we breathe but still has the same mass. It is invisible but dangerous and to many it is out of sight out of mind!! It is in fact a killer.


Imagine how many full tanks are used up every day around this beautiful earth of ours.