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Text Box: The Troy Family Tree

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Troy Family website



The Troy family crest

I have compiled the complete Family tree of all our Troy family.

If I have made any errors please let me know as this website is being viewed by hundreds of Troys and others all around the world.

Text Box: Troy Family Tree

James or John Troy 1750—-


Text Box: John Troy
Text Box: Honora Troy
Text Box: Maurice Troy
Text Box: Eleanor Troy
Text Box: James Troy 1802-1867
m. Margaret O’Donnell

Margaret Troy 7/3/1823

Maurice Troy 1826

Honora Troy 2/4/1828

James Troy 17/3/1830


Patrick Troy 1825—25/10/1891-

Mary O’Donnell 1823-1900

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My grandfathers in red

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All born in Ireland so far.


William Troy 1790—-

Brigid Guivanan

Date unknown


Text Box: The Troy Family

Patrick Troy 1825-25/10/1891

Mary O’Donnell 1823-2/10/1900

Married 4/2/1845 Lismore Ireland

Both born Ireland

William Troy 1847-3/12/1912 aged 65

No descendants

John Troy (1850-16/2/1926) aged 75

Amelia Jane  Webb (1859-25Dec 1915) aged 56

Mary Ellen Troy (16/8/1880—15 July 1968)

George Phillip Picot ( 9Aug 1909—5 Feb 1972)

Patrick Troy (1853-1890) b Ireland a seaman ( drowned )

Elisa ( or Elisa) Jane Le Riche Amy Born St Peter 1860

Married 9/11/1882 St Thomas’s church

Lilian Mary Troy b 24/8/1883

m. Mr Le Masurier

Edward John Troy b.2.11.1885 till

 24/11/1914  m. Elise Maud Miller

Edith Eliza Troy b 25.6. 1887

m Leslie Stopher

Lena Beatrice Stopher

Gorden Thorne

Sharon Thorne

Greg Larter

Brigid Troy (5/11/1857-)

George Webb

Edward Troy ( 1860-1924)b Jsy

Sarah Kelly (1860-1925)

Married 6/6/1887

Ellen Troy ( !5/8/1862-1866)

died 4 years old

Maurice Troy (26/12/1864—)

 Elisa JaneTroy nee Amy b 1860

d 3/5/1905

Died aged 45 His brother Patrick’s widow.

My Grandparents in red

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My Great uncles & aunts

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Text Box: Gladys Gertrude Troy
b 2/7/1901 d 18/8/1901
6 weeks old
Text Box: Troy Family

Edward Troy (29/2/1860—17/11/1924) aged 63 b Jersey

Sarah Kelly (14/3/1860—21/7/1925) b Alderney married  6.6.1887


William troy (6/8/1885—2/6/1976)

Helen Richards ( 1885—12/11/1972)

Kathleen Mary Troy (14/7/1891—30/10/1948) 57

Benjamin Henry Shenton ( 1887—18/08/1989) 91

Aileen Sarah Troy ( 22/6/1892—24/9/1972)

Frederick Herbert Perkins (1887—1929)


Winfred May Troy ( 25/6/1893—4/7/1893)

9 Days old

Edward Patrick Troy (9/4/1895—10/4/1895)

1 Day old

Edward O’Donnell Troy (24/4/1896 —15/7/1918)

23 Years old .No descendants

Maurice John Troy (23/3/1897—30/1/1986) aged 88

Alice Jeanne Vitel (1902—1976) born St Lawrence

John Troy (14/5/1898—11/7/1982) aged 84

Gladys May Falle Shiner (1900—30/10/1995) aged 95

Richard Troy (31/8/1899—22/4/1964) aged 64 born Jersey

Eva Marianne Rose Bougeard  (9/8/1907—27-10-1997) aged 90

Married 28/10/1933 Died day before 64th wedding anniversary

Born Guernsey

Robert Kelly Troy (14/10/1901—7/5/1964) aged 62

Rose Bernadette (Paddy) Stuart  (1905-20/1/1986)

Francis Patrick Troy (6/12/1902—23/7/1981) aged 78

Helen Freda (Nancy) De St Croix (b1906-8/7/2005) aged 99

George Troy (28/9/1905—3/10/1962) aged 57

Mary Woods (died 19/5/1992) aged 85

My Grandfather

My father

My Aunts & Uncles

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Text Box: The Troy Family 
Text Box: Page 4

Richard Troy (31/8/1899—22/4/1964) born Jersey

Eva Marianne Rose Bougeard  (9/8/1907—27/10/1997)

Died day before 64th wedding anniversary aged 90

Born Guernsey,  Married on 28/10/1933

Richard Troy (31/8/1899—22/4/1964) born Jersey

Winifred Doreen Field ( 23/4/1907—13/10/1932) aged 25

Married 15/9/1930. Died 20 days after Richard’s birth

Related to the Irish Michael Collins (cousin)

Richard Collins Troy (b 1932—died16/3/2012)

Monique Marie Guillement (b 1932—d 20/7/16)

Anne Helen Troy (1934—)

John Francis Lane (1934—)


Dennis Bryan Troy (1936—)

Rosemarie Kerr (1942—)

Mary Theresa Troy (1937—)

Clarence Alfred Lagadu (1939—

Died 2/9/2017)

Maurice Richard Troy (1945—)

Valerie Ann Jeanne (1950—)

My father

My brothers and sisters

Nicola Anne Troy (1973—)

Paul Fredrick Le M b.1971

JJ Troy * (1975—)

Mark T b.1971

Marianne Claire Troy (1981--)

Graham R b.1979

Natalie Anne Le M


Paul Maurice Le M


Rachael  Zelia Claire Le M

B. 2007

Eva Valerie T

B. 2007

Edward Troy 1860-1924   Sarah Troy 1862-1925

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Page E

Page A

My generation are now the elders and so the flow chart continues and grows…….

Life goes on…..




©Troy Family publications 2001-21

All rights reserved



Edward Troy ( 15/8/1888—18/7/1889)

11months & 3 days old.

John Edward Patrick Troy b.16/6/1882

Anne Mary Kenny b1874—d18/8/1937

John Bernard Troy 23/8/1908—25/8/1908

2 days old

Maurice Troy

b 1889

Still researching facts


Born in Jersey

From here on.

Children born

in  Jersey

Children born

in  Jersey

Anne Mary Troy


Died 1985

Patrick John Troy

b. 11/9/1911

Died 1974

Text Box: Maurice Troy 
b. 10/12/1889 d 13/12/1889
3 days old

Richard Edward Troy

b. 12/9/1911

m.. Lily Margaret De La Haye

Bernard George Troy

b. 21/1/1916 d Feb 1986 in Surrey England

m Maisie E Nash b 1916-2005

Text Box: Ethel Amy Troy b 8/9/1891
m. Henry Clarence Allise on 11/11/1918

Thomas Troy bap 15/11/34

Died 1904


Mary Troy 12/6/1836

Catherine Troy 7/4/1838

Died 22/12/1900

m. David McBride

Had Son Harry D McBride

Ellen Troy 23/9/1839

Michael Troy 26/9/1841

James Troy 17/11/1843

Patrick Troy 22/1/1833

Children of  James Troy and

Margaret O’Donnell

m. 6/2/1832



What is the best way to treat the loss of the one we love?


When we truly love it is never lost. It is only after death that the depth of the bond is truly felt and our loved one becomes more of a part of us than was possible in life.

Ellen  Webb

 b 17/2/1895

From the Baptismal records of St Mary and St Peter’s RC church, Vauxhall Steet Helier, Jersey which is now demolished but rebuilt in Wellington Rd St Helier.


Note some dates don’t correspond to the Registrar’s dates as shown above..


From the first Troy baptised in Jersey:-

Brigid 23/3/1858, Edward 5/11/1860, Ellen 15/2/1862, Maurice 26/12/1864, Mary E. 16/8/1880, John E. 16/6/1882, Lilian M. 24/8/1883, Edward J. 1885, Edith E. 25/6/1887, Edward 15/8/1888, William 6/8/1889, Kath M. 14/7/1891, Ethel A. 14/8/1891, Eileen S. 22/6/1892, Winifred M.25/6/1893, Edward O’D 24/4/1896, Maurice J. 23/3/1898, John 14/5/1898, Richard 31/8/1899, Gladys G 2/7/1901, Robert K. 14/10/1901, Francis P. 6/12/1902, George 28/9/1905, John B. 23/8/1908, Anna M. 10/10/1909, Patrick J. 11/11/1911, Richard E. 12/9/1911, Bernard G 2/1/1917

Remember this as comfort.


Death is nothing at all; I have only slipped into the next room.

Whatever we were to each other that we are still.

I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near just around the corner. All is well, nothing is past, nothing is last.

One brief moment all will be as it was before, only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one together.


Joanna Mary R

B 2009

Text Box: Because of the nature of my middle daughter's’ profession I shall be calling her Dr JJ or just JJ on this website.


Anne Troy

Victoria Troy

Buddhist quote.


“Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment


Samuel Douglas Troy T

B 2010

When you were born you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you are dying everyone around you is crying and you are smiling.

Matthew Philip R


Life is like a candle.


Our life starts off bright and fresh just as a new flame that bursts into life on a candle then as the flame burns down it struggles through the thick melted wax and sometimes goes out early because of unexpected  drafts caused on the way. It slows at the end of it’s life and just flickers till almost all the wax is exhausted then slowly fades away leaving just a small residue where once the candle stood. The candle leaves nothing behind except the memory of the light and warmth it gave out.

Some of us are lucky to reach the end of our candle.

 Maurice Troy

Gandhi said:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


Hermamm Hesse

Do not stand at my grave and weep:

I am not there. I do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain

I am the gentle autumn’s rain.

When you awaken in the morning hush.

I am the swift, uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.

I am not there. I did not die.

"The most bitter of tears wept at any grave are from words unspoken and deeds not done".


Harriet Beatrice Snow

Edmond Troy 5/7/1847

John Troy 8/9/1845 d 1900

m. Julia Foley 28/1/1870

USA citizen on 21/10/1878

Emigrated to America

Lots more information on the above courtesy of relation Bill in America Look on this page

I am trying to discover if James's wife Margaret could possibly be the elder sister of Patrick’s wife Mary O’Donnell (my Great Grandmother) as they come from the same area in Ireland.

It’s well worth remembering  whether you believe or not that there doesn’t necessarily have to be a god for there to be life after death.


On the other hand, life after death could be the same as life before birth.


No one knows.

My maternal  Great Grandparents Mary and Michael Kelly.

They had four daughters.

Honora 25/2/1849 born in Cork Ireland,

Elizabeth 24/11/1854 born in Jersey,

Margaret 10/3/1857 born in Alderney.

Sarah 14/3/1860 born in Alderney.






A page of Sarah’s side of the Kelly family tree and history soon during 2020.


Some can be seen on this page here