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Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

Best car I have owned. Hard & soft top 1960 Renault Floride with a Gordini Engine. See pics down page

The best car I have ever owned and the one I had most fun with was a 1960 Renault Floride Gordini ( hard and soft top).

My first car was a 1960 Austin A40 which I purchased in 1962. I had looked at a 1955 Hillman Minx with bench seat and column change which was advertised for £90 but had high mileage and was advised against it. Luckily my cousin John Troy was a car salesman at Cleveland garage and turned up at our house in Samares avenue one evening and told me he was taking a Austin A40 with low mileage and one lady owner in part exchange on a new car. If I wanted it he would let me have it at the price he gave her but I had to decide right away. The price was £225 and I only had £125 saved but my sister Anne said she would loan me £100 which I accepted and paid her back within the next four months.

Left: My friend Roger Bree’s  Austin A35 and Peter Robin’s BSA scooter.

The Austin A40 was quite a good car and I added badges and other accessories to try to spruce it up. It was not the Countryman only the boot opened but the seats folded down.

Above: My brother Dennis’s Hillman Super Minx which he let me borrow sometimes before I had a car. It had a nice low Jersey registration plate J589

I spotted my 1960 Renault Floride advertised at Bel Royal motors for £395 in 1964 which was a lot of money then, and as I never drank or smoked I had saved much more than that. Mr. Julius Olsen the salesman tested my A40 for the part exchange and to my amazement absolutely floored my car in second gear down Victoria avenue which made a plug misfire. My A40 was in perfect condition other than that and I was offered a good price. I bought the Floride.

The Renault Floride was fantastic with a hard top, soft top, and tornado cover and the only one in the Island at the time made me easily recognized by the police. I was stopped many times but never done for speeding ( no radar guns then).

Whilst I owned my Floride I purchased this Renault 4CV which I spent hours restoring but not long after I had finished I had a slight accident. My friend Des and myself were racing another car in the wet late at night and I discovered the rear engine 4CV doesn’t like the wet 

About 1968 I was working for myself in the building industry and the Floride was impracticable and I decided to trade it in for a spruce green 1966 Ford Cortina Estate MK1 with bench seat and column change. This was the car I had when I built my bungalow and then married. Not many pictures of this car so they will follow later.


My next car was a 1971 Renault 16 GL which was really comfortable and smooth and ideal when the children were small. I also about this time bought a short wheel base Bedford CA van which I drove for work while Val had the Renault.


In 1977 I bought my first new car a Ford Fiesta “1.1S” which although a nice little car

it had quite a few teething problems and the dealer garage was not very good. When our third daughter came along we decided to change it and bought a 1981 Morris Marina 1800 estate. I gave my Bedford van to my brother-in-law Victor and happened to see a old Austin Mini in the back of Brown’s garage St Martin which was not for sale . I enquired and made an offer which was accepted £250 and was pleased as it had the registration number J50505. Its ironic but I later sold this to my son-in-law Paul when he was at school years ago before he began dating Nicola my daughter.




I loved this car! It was fun.

Don’t laugh its me on a BSA Dandy with pre select gears which I bought in 1963 for £12 from Mr. Robin Dodkins. No helmet needed in those days.






















Around this time I acquired an Austin A55 mk2 Cambridge which was being dumped.

I restored this and used it till I bought an Austin A60 Cambridge estate then swapped engines and hand painted it with Gyplux coach paint. That’s Nicola above helping me

I bought a ex furniture removal van from Langlois Ltd and converted it to a three horse box van. Cutting an access  door in the front, lining it in ply wood and building extra doors at the rear made it perfect for us. Had lots of fun with this horse box. That's JJ helping me.

Left: Repairing my hydraulic pump on my Massey Ferguson 135 in my garage. Very difficult job, I had to borrow a workshop manual.

My horse box and Austin A60 Cambridge estate were matching colours and looked really smart.

I sold my Morris Marina estate and bought a Toyota Hiace van which had belonged to Channel Television. This turned out to be the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I fitted coach seats in the back making it a seven seated and used it for all the university moves for the three girls and even after 130,000 miles it would not fail.

In 1996 I bought my Mitsubishi Shogun five door 2.8 GLS turbo diesel privately for £18,000 and this has proved to be a robust vehicle. I am able to tow my double horse box and two ton tipping trailer with ease and it is a lovely vehicle to tour around France and the UK.

Right: The Fiat Panda 4X4 Sisley used by my three daughters here in Jersey and by Nicola at university in the UK. I bought it from my friend David Lucken of Forum Garages and it was a really good buy.

If you have any comments you would like to add about anything on this website please contact the website administrator.





Photos taken in England.

Under construction as more photos to follow.

Maurice the old JCB digger we spotted whilst on holiday in Alderney. That’s Marianne I am carrying.

Natalie when she was little out in the snow with my Shogun. We took her to Jersey Zoo that day and it was great fun

Our old Land Rover

Dennis’s yellow Ford Consul Classic outside our home in Samares Avenue, a lovely looking six seated car.

My friend Roger on his BSA scooter.

My Renault 16 with Nicola and myself

Nicola , JJ and myself with our new 1977 Ford Fiesta 1.1 S

My sister Mary bought her Lambretta 150cc in the late 50’s but found it difficult to ride., especially in her high heels and tight skirt.




My new troyfamily co.nz


Has started


With pictures of my Renault Floride restoration

Text Box: Take a look at the car I would like to get next. All electric but a huge waiting list worldwide.

I have driven in lots of countries but the most memorable and exciting was hiring and riding a motorbike in Thailand. An experience not to be missed.

I prefer the Tesla Model X but the Model S and Model 3 are very good.

I have the Volvo XC40 Recharge PHEV. See here.

Other tractors I owned were a Leyland 245 with Quickie front loader and a Massey Ferguson 35.

The new Tesla “D”



A car worth owning.

All electric, four wheel drive and 0-60 in 3 secs. Travels 375 miles on one charge.



Dec 2014. This is me in a Tesla Model S in Christchurch.

Val with our Shogun in


Above my Renault Floride in 1964


Below my fully restored Renault Floride June 2016

Our Toyota with us on the UK Graduation