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Text Box: Troy Family
Text Box: Island of Jersey census of Troy’s 1851,1871,1891 and 1901

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July 21

Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

Island of Jersey census 1851



Surname          Christian name           Age                    Where born


Troy                   Michel                            27                      Ireland Waterford

Island of Jersey census 1871



Surname          Christian name           Age                    Where born


Troy                   Bridget                           12                      Jersey St. Martin*

Troy                   Edward                          10                      Jersey St. Helier*

Troy                   John                                21                      Ireland*

Troy                   Mary                               44                      Ireland*

Troy                   Morriss                          6                        Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Patrick                            48                      Ireland*

Troy                   Patrick                            18                      Ireland*

Troy                   Patsey                             10                      Ireland

Troy                   William                         23                      Ireland*



* All Patrick & Mary Troy’s family in 1871                            

Island of Jersey census 1891



Surname          Christian name           Age                    Where born                  Error


Troy                   Amalia M                      34                      Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Edith C                          3                        Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Edward                          31                      Jersey St. Helier*

Troy                   Edward J                       5                        Jersey St. Helier          

Troy                   Eliza J.L                        30                      Jersey St. Peters

Troy                   John                                39                      Jersey St. Helier* (should be Ire)

Troy                   John E                            8                        Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Lilian M                        7                        Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Mary                               60                      Ireland*

Troy                   Mary H                          10                      Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Morris                            24                      Jersey St. Helier

Troy                   Patrick                            60                      Ireland*

Troy                   Sarah                              29                      Alderney Channel Islands*

Troy                   William                         40                      Ireland*

Troy                   William                         1                        Jersey St. Helier*



*  Edward & Sarah with son William, his mother & father & two brothers

Island of Jersey census 1901



Surname          Christian name           Age                    Where born                  Errors


Troy                   Aileen                             8                        Jersey St Helier*

Troy                   Amelia .J                       42                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Edward                          15                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Edward                          40                      Jersey St Helier*

Troy                   Edward. C                     4                        Jersey St Helier*  (“O” not ”C”)

Troy                   Eliza                               37                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Ethel                               9                        Jersey St Helier

Troy                   John                                52                      Ireland Waterford

Troy                   John                                2                        Jersey St Helier*

Troy                   John. E                          18                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Kathleen                        9                        Jersey St Helier*

Troy                   Lilian                              38                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Mary. H                         20                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Maurice. J                     3                        Jersey St Helier*

Troy                   Morris                            36                      Jersey St Helier

Troy                   Richard                          1                        Jersey St Helier*

Troy                   Sarah                              37                      Alderney Channel Islands*

Troy                   William                         54                      Ireland Watford

Troy                   William                         11                      Jersey St Helier*



* All my grandfather Edward Troy’s family in 1901               

 In 1821 the total population of Jersey stood at 28,600, but within ten years it had increased by 8,000. By 1841 there had been a further immigration of almost 11,000 and in 1851, just before Patrick and Mary Troy arrived from County Waterford, it numbered more than 57,000, having virtually doubled in one generation.



Census is as recorded. Error column I have added


The other Troy's living in Jersey that were probably relations of Patrick and Mary in 1901 were:


Troy                   Morris               36                      Head of house               waterman

Troy                   Eliza                  37                      Wife (widow of Patrick his brother)

Troy                   Edward             15                      Son (stepson )              junior clerk

Troy                   Ethel                  9                        Daughter (stepdaughter)


They were living at 14 Commercial St. St Helier




Troy                   John                   52                      Head of house               Labourer

Troy                   Amelia  J           42                      Wife

Troy                   Mary H             20                      Daughter                       Dressmaker

Troy                   John E               18                      Son                                 Cycle repair


They were living in a cottage at the back of 21 Sand St. St Helier.




Troy                   William            54                      Labourer                        Batchelor


Living with his Brother-in-law and sister Bridget Webb nee Troy.


They lived at 2 Payn St. St Helier.



I think this could be Lilian M with age wrong in the 1901 census (18 not 38)


Troy                   Lilian                 38                      Servant                          Spinster


Living at 8, (apt 2) Le Chalet, Queens Road, St Helier. Shown as born in St Helier.




In the1891 census this was Eliza  just after her husband Patrick had drowned.

She later married Maurice who was Patrick’s brother.



Troy                   Eliza                  30                      Widow                            Grocer 

Troy                   Lilian M           7                        Daughter

Troy                   Edward J          5                        Son

Troy                   Edith                  3                        Daughter


These were living at 6, Dumaresq Street St Helier ( it must have been hard for Eliza).


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Text Box: This was all psychically researched by myself at the Jersey Archive Centre and the Jersey Registry Office.
I spent hours and hours at the above researching and wrote everything down by hand.

As of 2015 it is mostly online.

The Troy  family in Jersey ( census facts).


The Patriarch  and founder of the Troy line in Jersey was Patrick. He was born circa 1825 in Ireland. He married Mary Donnell (or O ‘Donnell) who was four years younger than himself - They had 7 children, three boys born in Ireland and two girls ( one born in Jersey ) and two boys born in Jersey - One of the girls (Jersey born ) died young.

The evidence, from both the 1871 Census in Jersey and St Mary and St Peter’s Baptismal Register, shows that Patrick, Mary. William. John and Patrick Jnr. must have travelled to Jersey between 1853 and 1854, leaving the Waterford district of Ireland from which the British Government recruited most of the workers for work on the St Catherine’s (Jersey) and Alderney Breakwaters. Free passages were given to workers and their families.

The St Catherine’s Breakwater began in 1847. After the completion of the Northern arm and the abandonment of work on the Southern arm the Irish moved from St Martin to St Helier. This is the case with the Troy family as the Census shows that Bridget was born in St Martin while Edward and Maurice (misspelt Morriss) were born in St Helier. The Troy's were living in St Martin in November 1857 but were resident in St Helier in 1860. The Irish who had been working in Alderney moved to Jersey.

The ages given in the Census taken on 2 April 1871 are not always accurate. For example, Bridget’s age is given as 12 in this document but the St Mary and St Peter Baptismal Register shows that she (entered as Brigid) was born on 23 March 1857 which made her almost 14 at the time of the Census. likewise Edward who is shown as 10, was born on 29 February 1860 so was just over 11.


The Troy family    Baptisms.


Extract from St Mary and St Peter’s RC Baptismal Register Volume IV.


Brigid                  Born 5 November 1857                      Page 42

Edward                          29 February 1860                      Page86

Ellen                               15 August    1862                      Page139

Maurice                         26 December 1864                   Page195




Ellen Troy

The St Mary and St Peter Register of Deaths does not begin to record until 1880 Ellen was my grandfather’s youngest sister who died just over four year old in 1866.



Patsey Troy

She is not a member of the relevant Troy family. She is not shown in the Baptismal Register, and is the only Troy living in St Helier District 38. She is only 10 in 1871 and may have been orphaned in Ireland and brought to Jersey from Ireland by relatives when they migrated. She is unlikely to have travelled to Jersey on her own at ten.

The brothers and sisters of my Grandfather Edward Troy (who married Sarah Troy nee Kelly) were :


William born 1847 in Ireland and remained a bachelor in Jersey.


John born 1850 in Ireland had a daughter Mary Ellen who married a Picot in Jersey, granddaughter married a Le Masurier in Jersey and one an Australian and moved to Australia. Son John b1882 married Anne Mary Kenny and grandson Patrick  went to sea and is recorded to have saved a life in 1932 by jumping from the deck of the liner the Aquitania in Southampton dock (see opposite clip).


Patrick  b1853  married Elise Amy and died early, drowned at sea. Born Jersey. A  grandson Edward married Elise Miller in Jersey and had a son Richard who married Lily De La Haye and had two daughters Alison and Julie in Jersey (see family tree). He died in the First World War and is buried at Maricourt (Battle of the Somme).



Brigid b1857 in Jersey and married George Webb in Jersey and had a daughter Ellen.


Maurice b 1865 in Jersey and married his brothers widow Elise Amy (above). Descendants of Patrick and Maurice with Elise were Patrick, Lilian M, Edward, Edith, Ethel and Gertrude (Maurice’s) who died young.


Ellen b 1862-1866 Died young at 4 years old

Maurice married his brother Patrick’s widow (read opposite)

Take a look.


The passenger lists of all Troy’s leaving the UK to emigrate between 1890 to 1929.(Enter surname Troy then click search)



From the Jersey Evening Post 1932


CONGRATULATIONS to Patrick Troy, a young Jersey man, formerly residing at Wilton House, Havre-des-Pas, and now living in Southampton, who, for an act of heroism, has been awarded the Order of Industrial Heroism and is to the receive a gold watch and chain. In referring to the plucky action of young Troy the “Southern Daily Echo” published the following: — Troy dived, fully clothed, a distance of 7Oft. into the Ocean Dock from the Cunarder Aquitania to the rescue of Mr. George Harris, a 55-year-old painter who had fallen into the water from a stage at the side of the liner. Both men were picked up in an exhausted condition by a lifeboat. Troy, who is 21, was a member of the Jersey Sea Scouts and later trained in England for a sea career. He then served on ocean-going liners, but with the laying up of his vessels was only in casual employment at the time of the brave action referred to.

1932 in the UK

THE ‘Southern Daily Echo” of Saturday contains a fine front page illustration of a

young Jersey man, Mr. Patrick Troy, being honoured for an act of bravery performed at Southampton sometime ago. Mr. Troy, a young man, dived 70 feet from the deck of the Aquitania into the dock to rescue a man, Mr George Harris, who was in danger of drowning. Mr. Harris, it was stated; was going down for the third time when Mr. Troy reached him. At the Coliseum, Southampton, on Friday last, Mr. Troy’s brave act was recognised when, before a large crowd, he was presented with the Order of Industrial Heroism, a gold watch and chain subscribed for by the Painters’ Society, of which the rescued man was a member, and a wallet containing a sum of money subscribed from the Painters’ Society and the Southampton Trades Council.


Note. I found his watch. It is held by a man in America who bought an old  defunct security box from auction by the Government in the USA in 2012.


Picture of the inscription on the other side.

My grandmother Sarah Kelly’s mother and father were Michael Kelly and Mary Kelly (nee Mahoney).  She was born in Alderney, they were born in Ireland.

Patrick Troy’s gravestone at Almorah Cemetery Jersey which we all contributed to.

Wording on grave.


Of Your Charity Pray For

The Repose Of The Souls Of

PATRICK TROY, 1825- 1891


1823 - 1900

Also Of

ELLEN TROY, 1862 - 1866

ELLEN O’DONNELL, nee CURRAN 1779 - 1869

JOHN BERNARD TROY, 1908 - 1908

WILLIAM TROY, 1847 - 1912



Were The First Troy’s To Arrive

From Ireland To Live In Jersey

And From Whom All Troy’s In

This Island Descend


In the grave


Ellen Troy is one of Patrick and Mary's children and born in Jersey


Ellen O’Donnell nee Curran is Mary’s Mother.


John Bernard Troy is a Great Grandson of Patrick and Mary and only lived one day.


William Troy is Patrick and Mary’s first child and was born in Ireland.


In 1986 my Dad’s brother Maurice John Troy was buried in the grave with his father and mother.

Be aware.


When researching the 1911 UK Census for the Jersey Troys’

I discovered that the birth dates on the UK online Census are not correct for most of the Troy’s living in Jersey. Most  dates all appear to be one year out and have  unfortunately been copied by other ancestry sites around the world.

I contacted National Archives UK who explained. All Census returns record only the ages of the persons noted at the time the Census was taken (usually March), not the date of birth..

The year of birth on the transcriptions is the 'calculated' year of birth based on the age shown on the Census and the Census year, So for example  in the 1911 census Richard Troy is shown as 11 years of age and his year of birth is calculated as 1900  when in fact he was born in Aug1899. This is why they recommend searching 'Year of Event' plus/minus 1-2 years.”


E.g. Searching for my father Richard Troy born 31st Aug 1899 does not always come up as they have him born in 1900.


I think this might cause problems for anyone tracing their ancestry as it might have happened to other families.



The birth dates on my Troy family tree page are correct and were taken from the original hand written register books by myself.



The name shown as Morris in the census was the English spelling of it.

The correct Irish spelling was Maurice