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July 21

We have all been vegetarian since 1985. Like most vegetarians we decided to become vegetarian because we didn’t feel animals should suffer so we could have a nice taste in our mouths and also we can't stand any cruelty imposed on defenseless creatures. Everybody knows (or should know) about the shameful conditions animals are farmed in today.

Vegetarianism is not just about saving animals either, a general shift towards vegetarianism would result in a big reduction in deforestation and much lower levels in pollution. Grain fed animals eat so much grain during their lifetimes that if we all became vegetarians enough grain would be freed up to feed millions of starving people in the third world. This will probably never be achieved but if the meat eating population ate just 10% less meat 60 million tons of grain would be freed up.

Another important factor is how bad meat can be for you. The human body does not need meat to be healthy. All the protein we need is easily found in vegetable sources such as beans, nuts, and Soya products. There is really no need to risk meat poisoning and awful diseases such as CJD and BSE. These days you are spoilt for choice of vegetarian food and even those who miss the taste of meat can find good vegetable based alternatives to burgers, sausages and even bacon rashers.

Recent statistics have revealed that just one life long vegetarian saves around 760 chickens, 5 whole cows, 20 pigs, 29 sheep, 46 turkeys, 7 rabbits, and over a half ton of fish from these unnatural conditions.

You are not a vegetarian if you eat fish, you are called a pescatarian.

We have free range eggs at our farm and can visibly see and taste the difference to battery eggs, also we use Soya milk (Alpro is the best) and not cows milk when possible.


Recently talking to some teenagers we were amazed when they said “What would they do with all the cows milk if everybody changed to Soya milk”. Some children and adults don’t realise that cows have to be continually breed and their calves destroyed so that us humans can have their milk.


Humans are the only mammals that give their infant children another mammals milk.


Some of our foster children did not know where eggs came from and when collecting them with me were amazed and not keen on eating them anymore because they thought they came out of the chickens bottoms.


Most people are unaware of the cruelty involved in producing veal or pate de foie gras.


I personally think everybody should be made to visit a slaughter house and an intensive battery farm to see what they are going to eat and make their own mind up. Education is the key to life not ignorance.


I am not sure who said “You can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals” but I agree also animals can judge a persons character especially cats and dogs. From my experience a person that is not good with animals is not very good with children.


People usually say to me “Ah! would you eat meat if you were starving”. I answer “ I would even eat you to stay alive if I was starving”


Why is it that as soon as anybody gets diagnosed with cancer the doctor advisers to stop eating meat?


Vegetarian wine and beers are really good but hard to find. Go to my links page to see which popular beers and wine are vegetarian on the web site.

Website administrator Maurice R. Troy

Drink Vegetarian Beer and wine.


Wine is clarified, or cleared, after fermentation. Some of the ingredients used include:


· edible gelatines (made from bones)

· isinglass (made from the swim bladders of fish)

· casein and potassium caseinate (milk proteins)

animal albumin (egg albumin and dried blood powder)


In the UK beer (bitter) is commonly fined using isinglass.
Guinness is not suitable for vegans.


Most beers, unfortunately, are not labelled as being suitable for vegetarians. There is a list of those which I am sure are vegetarian, i.e. do not contain animal products or use them in the production process. This can be found on My Links page.


Animal products are also sometimes used to alter the flavour of the wine/beer or control the head on a beer

From experience you can always judge a good restaurant by looking at their vegetarian choices on their menu. That gives you an indication on how good or imaginative their chef is even if you are a meat eater..


At some places when telling them you are a vegetarian you can be treated differently as if you are a nuisance and they normally offer you a vegetable lasagne or an omelette.


Once in New Zealand at a take away when asking if they did veggie burgers because I was a vegetarian the girl answered “Oh I’m sorry to hear that, I can put a salad leaf on top if you like”. 


GM ( genetically modified ) crops might not necessarily be harmful for us humans to eat but are particularly harmful to wildlife. Crops and wildflowers are modifying themselves all the time but very slowly allowing all the wildlife that rely on them to adapt. These sudden changes that man can bring about in the laboratory are devastating and should quite rightly be opposed. More so with genetically modifying animals, reading papers on this subject is repulsive, it is dangerous to the existence of our earth as we know it and should be banned immediately


Have you noticed that over the evolution of time all the world’s largest and longest living animals are vegetarian. 

If you have any comments you would like to add about anything on this website please contact the website administrator.







( Go to my links page to find more about this society).




A vegetarian is someone living on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits with or without the use of dairy products and eggs (preferably free-range).

A vegetarian does not eat any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or crustaceans, or slaughter by-products such as gelatine or animal fats.


Types of Vegetarian


· Lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Eats both dairy products and eggs. This is the most common type of vegetarian diet.


· Lacto-vegetarian. Eats dairy products but not eggs.


· Vegan. Does not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other animal product.



Other terms can be used in describing various vegetarian diets, though their exact meaning can differ. The term strict vegetarian may refer to a vegan diet, though in other cases it may simply mean a lacto-ovo-vegetanan diet. The terms common or broad vegetarian may be used to refer to Iacto ovo-vegetarians.


Stumbling Blocks


Many foods contain ingredients derived from the slaughter of animals. Gelatine is made from animal ligaments, tendons, bones etc. which have been boiled in water. It is often found in ice cream and other dairy products. Animal fats refer to carcass fats and may be present in wide range of foods, including biscuits, cakes, and margarines. Suet and lard are types of animal fats.


Certain food additives ( E numbers) may be derived from animal sources.


Cheese is generally made with rennet from the stomach lining of slaughtered calves.


Vegetarian cheese is made with rennet from a non-animal, microbial, source.


Many vegetarians that eat eggs will eat only free-range eggs. This is due to moral objections to the battery farming & hens. The Vegetarian Society only endorses products containing eggs if the eggs are certified as free-range.


Vegetarian Foods


A well balanced vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients your body needs and there is much scientific evidence to indicate vegetarians may be healthier than meat-eaters.

A vegetarian diet is healthy because it is typically low in saturated and total fat, high in dietary fibre and complex carbohydrate, and high in protective minerals and vitamins present in fresh fruit and vegetables.


Vegetarian food groups are:


Cereals/grains - wheat (bread & pasta), oats, maize, barley, rye, rice, etc. Potatoes are a useful cereal alternative.


Pulses - kidney beans, baked beans, chick peas, lentils, etc.


Nuts & Seeds - almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.


Fruit & vegetables.


Dairy products or Soya products - tofu, tempeh, Soya protein etc.


Vegetable oils and fats - margarine or butter.




My Summary: There is no question that what you eat affects your health, just be aware of what you are consuming on a  moral and ethical stand point.



My new troyfamily co.nz


 web site has started .

Whilst in Boulogne, France recently we went to buy  some bottles of wine from a shop that advertised wine connoisseurs to assist you. When we asked to see some  vegetarian wine they did not know what we were talking about and when we explained they admitted they did not know about all the ingredients used in making wine. Needless to say we left the shop without a purchase.

"We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can't speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees."


Quote from:


Qwatsinas (Hereditary Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

Quote from:



Wintu Woman, 19th Century



"When we Indians kill meat, we eat it all up. When we dig roots, we make little holes. When we build houses, we make little holes. When we burn grass for grasshoppers, we don't ruin things. We shake down acorns and pine nuts. We don't chop down the trees. We only use dead wood. But the white people plough up the ground, pull down the trees, kill everything. ... The White people pay no attention. ...How can the spirit of the earth like the White man? ... Everywhere the White man has touched it, it is sore."

Picture that was in the Jersey Evening Post of Valerie when she had an article on how we have a meat free Christmas.


High IQ level linked to

Being a vegetarian

Relates to the opposite paragraph..

The results of a five year study released by universities in England have proved beyond doubt that  breast fed babies develop  higher IQ’s than bottle fed babies.


BBC News at Ten 5th Nov 2007


This could be because they found the more intelligent the parents the more likely they are to breastfeed their children.

1985 Nicola and JJ enjoying their Mums vegetarian cooking

Text Box: Nicola and JJ enjoying our own produce.

How sad it is to see goldfish in a bowl, a solitary bird in a cage ( usually placed in a window so it can look out ) and a rabbit in a tiny hutch. What’s worse is the factory farmed cattle, pigs and poultry kept locked and hidden from the public gaze because of the public uproar it would cause if people realised how they are kept.



Ignorance is no excuse.

Do we ever pay attention or is the world only as we believe it to be?

Help the starving.


The more meat we eat  the more hungry people we create.


It takes 8lbs (3.5Kgs) of cereals to produce 1lb (40g) of beef.


And now to top it all, cars are competing with cows because of the production  bio fuels

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi










The time will come when men such as I will look upon

the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."

Leonardo Da Vinci

Text Box: "Animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites or women for men."

Alice Walker

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man"

Charles Darwin

Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Sometimes handy to remember when discussing meat eating and cruelty.

Meat ‘doubles cancer risk'. (from English papers July 2009)


VEGETARIANS are about half as likely to develop cancer of the blood as meat eaters, new research suggests. In a study of 61,000 people over 12 years, Cancer Research UK’s epidemiology unit at Oxford University found a “striking difference” between the groups in the risk of cancers including Leukaemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Whaling in the Pacific Ocean by the Japanese in the name of science (how long can they keep claiming that and us believing it). After it has been harpooned several times it is held by the tail till it drowns which takes quite some time.

Ignorance is not an excuse in law and neither should it be in life.

(Maurice Troy)

If you do eat meat please only eat real free range products because of the cruelty and organic if possible because of your health.




I know of some farmers who are allowed to inject their animals themselves (antibiotics, proteins etc) and who do not understand what they were doing.


Also some feed suppliers who did not know what was in their animal feed pellets and well known manufacturers of pellets who were very evasive when I contacted them.

Most people do not think or bother to look at the label and choose the  vegetarian cheese in the Supermarket which is normally much tastier.

Ask yourself is it just horse meat being sold as beef.


You will never know!

I have discovered many Free range egg classifications on packaging are mostly a huge con to the public and should be properly policed by the authorities.

Bobby calf treatment and handling has been exposed as really cruel in NZ.


Take a look at the video clip in this article.


Try soya milk.

I cannot see how anyone can agree with how these animals below are kept.


In order to help preserve our planet’s natural resources, many of the world’s greatest thinkers and scientists throughout history have observed a vegetarian diet and affirmed its necessity from the standpoints of both morality and logic.


For example, Sir Isacc Newton, “the father of physics,” and Leonardo Da Vinci, a part-time physicist who made major discoveries in hydraulics, optics and mechanics were both vegetarians. In fact, Da Vinci was so fervent about vegetarianism that he would buy caged chickens and set them free. In addition, Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920), considered the greatest mathematician of the last 1000 years, was also vegetarian.

Eminent vegetarian Albert Einstein (1879-1955), widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century and a lifelong promoter of peace, who said, “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” On a similar note he stated, “Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” And on the day he became a vegetarian, Einstein wrote in his diary, “So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore.”